Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Awards (G.R.E.A.T.) 2018 - 19

Purpose: To support Graduate Students in Dentistry in their research efforts by partially funding travel to support travel for research, conference presentations, field research, archival research , and collaborative research outside the university. The Faculty of Dentistry will administer its GREAT awards directly. Please contact Ms. Maria Palumbo at 514-398-6699, Email: Maria.Palumbo2 [at]

Documents to submit:

· Graduate students need to provide: A confirmation of your status as a registered full-time graduate student in Dentistry pursuing a Research Masters (in years 1 and 2), or a PhD (in years 1 – 5). (note: year indicated on Minerva)

· A document confirming acceptance of the abstract for presentation at a national (Canadian) or international convention/conference.

· Supervisors need to provide: A letter signed by the student and his/her supervisor confirming the supervisor-student relationship, and that the student has/will present the abstract submitted. (For papers with multiple authors, only the presenter is eligible to apply for the award).


  • Only one application per graduate supervisor may be submitted per year (i.e., a professor may not apply for this award for more than one student in the same academic year).
  • If there are more applications than the number of available Dentistry GREAT awards, then these priorities will be used, in this order:
  1. a graduate supervisor who has not received this travel award will be prioritized over a supervisor who has received this travel award in the preceding year,
  2. a graduate supervisor with a higher number of graduate students (MSc yr 1-2, PhD yr 1-5) will be prioritized over a supervisor with fewer graduate students.

For more information consult Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies page:


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