Dentistry Receives JeunesExplo Interns for a Day

The Faculty of Dentistry receives Montreal highschoolers interested in pursuing careers in dental health through the JeunesExplo program.

On April 11, a group of Montreal highschoolers came to the dental clinics and pre-clinical laboratories at McGill University to shadow DMD students and learn about careers in dentistry. As part of the JeunesExplo's Stages d'un jour program, a group of highschoolers had the opportunity to visit the Faculty of Dentistry's facilities, including the pre-clinical laboratory and the Undergraduate Teaching Clinic. 

The Faculty of Dentistry was among hundreds of other establishments, business, and institutions to accommodate interns for a day. JeunesExplo is an organization that allows thousands of Quebec highschoolers to explore their passions and potential career paths during the time of transition between secondary and post-secondary education. Over the last 13 years, JeunesExplo has given over 25 000 students the opportunity to better understand the careers they aspire to. 


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