McGill Dentistry Graduate Student Society (MDGSS)

McGill Dentistry Graduate Student Society Committee


PRESIDENT Hieu Michael Pham (Master Student)

Hello!! My name is Hieu (Mike) Pham. My hometown is Toronto, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences. Currently, I am a second-year master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Simon Tran. My research lays within tissue engineering, specifically in exploring the use of a scaffold Dr. I created--egg white alginate--in culturing salivary cells. I aspire to become a dentist one day that works towards improving oral health care in communities that lack access to such necessities. Beyond the academic realm, I am preoccupied by involvements in dental outreach volunteering services, boxing, and regularly eating an unhealthy amount of pizza. I love to challenge myself through seeking discomfort in novel activities and involvements that can help me grow as person.

As your President this year, my primary goal is to offer new students opportunities to become more involved, while working towards providing the ideal environment for current students to grow and learn. I am a very open person and am always willing to talk, so if you ever want to talk or have any concerns, whatever it may be, please don’t hesitate to approach me. Cheers!


VP ACADEMIC Faez Al-Hamed (PhD Student)

My name is Faez Al-Hamed. I am a second-year Ph.D student under the supervision of Dr. Faleh Tamimi. I am very excited to be your VP academic this year. I obtained my Bachelor’s in dentistry (BDS) and my Master’s in oral surgery (MSc clinical degree) from Syria and Egypt respectively. I have good research and clinical skills. I enjoy reading, traveling, cycling, and communications. Currently, I am assessing the role of neurotransmitters in hemostasis and bone regeneration. I also have a strong interest in platelet concentrates and their applications in tissue regeneration in dento-facial structures.

As your VP academic and with the support of all MDSS members, we will plan certain workshops and the graduate dental seminar in which, we will invite an international expert in dentistry to our faculty.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiries or suggestions.


VP COMMUNICATION Antoine Karoichan (Master Student)

Hello! My name is Antoine and I’m going to be your VP Communications for the year 2018-2019. I am a first-year master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Maryam Tabrizian. I graduated from McGill with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and have two year’s worth of research experience at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre. Now it is time for me to focus my experience and what I learned into the field that I am really interested in - dentistry. For now, I am not a dentist, but I aim to be one someday.

Other than that, I really enjoy playing the piano, learning new languages, and eating good food (because who doesn’t). My goal is to make the best out of my time as a student in the faculty of dentistry; and what better way to achieve that than by communicating with and getting to know my colleagues, professors, and faculty members, making great new friends, and being actively involved in our community. This is what encouraged me to become VP Communications and I am super excited for the coming year and to getting to know you all!


VP Finance Radhika Chhibber (Master Student)

Hello! My name is Radhika Chhibber and I am currently a first-year master’s student in the thesis program under Dr. Belinda Nicolau. I previously obtained my Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from India. Other than the lab, I can be found in the close-by Second Cup café. My general interests and hobbies include groovy low-volume funk music, being a foodie, traveling, and watching Netflix or YouTube vlogs tucked in my bed.

As the VP Finance I am responsible for overseeing the financial direction and strategy of MDGSS, including creating and overseeing the budget, providing financial insight to service units of MDGSS, developing new revenue streams, and helping develop other projects which I feel would improve the financial standing of the club.


VP SOCIAL Shrutika Kambli (Master Student)

Hello! Bonjour! I am Shrutika (Shruti), a second-year non-thesis master’s student in the faculty of dentistry. I love to dance, binge watch T.V. shows, read fiction novels, and am a crazy dog lover. I am excited to serve as your VP Social this year and have lots of fun activities planned. I promise to host amazing parties and social events with both great food and music! Let’s have an amazing year ahead!




PGSS Representative Ayushi Gandotra (Master Student)

Hi everyone! I am Ayushi, a second-year non-thesis graduate student. I am super thrilled to represent our Faculty as the PGSS representative for the upcoming academic year. I consider this as my opportunity to go beyond the domain of what I am expected to do and work for causes that often go unnoticed. The first being to support McGill's initiative to get rid of plastic on campus by 2020. The second being raising awareness about wellness and mental health. Let's all get together and work towards the betterment of this amazing community that we are all a part of.

Besides all that I spoke about, I love to travel, eat, cook, bake, and spread positivity! In the end, I would like to leave you with this quote by Maya Angelou that I live by - My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


PGSS Representative Pavneet Saini

Hello there!! This is Pavneet Saini and I am delighted to be the PGSS councillor for the year 2018-19. I am a dentist from India, currently pursuing a Master’s in Dental Sciences here at McGill. The direction of my master’s is inclined towards population and public health sciences. My duty as a PGSS representative will be to represent the Graduate Dental Student Society at Post Graduate Student Association. I hope to create an intimate association between the two committees and have a more robust representation of MDGSS at PGSA.

I like to cook, read novels, watch movies, and all the usual human stuff. I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions that you guys might have. Please feel free to approach me at any time. With the support of my team, I hope to make this year fun and exciting for guys (well at least as exciting as it can be).