Faculty members talk about their career choices

Dentists are always learning. For many students, receiving their DMD will mark the end of their formal university education. For others, a degree in dentistry is just the beginning. Here, in a series of recently recorded interviews, members of the Faculty talk about the career paths they have chosen, why they enjoy teaching, and what motivated them to obtain graduate degrees or specialist training.

Dentist and clinical scientist, Dr. Jocelyne Feine explainswhy she started the Oral Health Career Project
Yu Kwong Li "To get a person out of pain is very satisfying"

Dr. Yu Kwong Li talks about his mobile dental service that helps institutionalized patients in over 150 locations around Quebec
Julia Pompura 
“Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are having fun.”

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Julia Pompura offers some good advice for anyone considering a career in her field.
Anthony Ianella

"You’re not only a dentist, but a confident sometimes."

Dr. Anthony Ianella is a general practitioner and part-time clinical instructor.

Jean-Marc Retrouvey

"We do work that people appreciate."

Orthodontist, Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey talks about his life and work.


Gilles Lavigne Dr. Gilles Lavigne is a dentist and one of the world's leading authorities on sleep disorders. Here he discusses his life doing applied research.
Marie Dagenais
“What’s most satisfying is getting the answer right.”

Oral Radiologist, Dr. Marie Dagenais talks about what she enjoys about her specialty.
Paul Allison
“I really questioned whether what we were doing was actually of any benefit to the patients.”

Not satified with the easy answers, Dr. Paul Allison tell us why he chose a life in Public Health Research
Veronique Benhamou Dr. Veronique Benhamou has a rewarding career as a periodontist. She finds that perfoming surgery is a great way for her to express her artistic side.
Samer Abi Nader “I never do the same thing twice in a day.” Prosthodontist, Dr. Sam Abi Nader loves his work as a dentist and teacher.
Peter Cooney “I was interested in looking at things from a broader perspective . . . . .”

Dr. Peter Cooney is the Chief Dental Officer of Canada
Stephane Schwartd
“When you work with children, you can’t age.”
After 10 years as a general practioner, Dr. Stephane Schwartz became a pediatric dentist. She talks about her patients at the Montreal Children's Hospital
Eric Lessard As a specialist in Pain and Oral Medicine, Dr. Eric Lessard found a perfect way to combine his interests in Dentistry and Medicine.
Euan Swan
Dr. Euan Swan discusses the life of a dentist in the Canadian Armed Forces
Gerald Sohmer Dr. Gerald Sohmer specializes in Endodontics. "You have to want to help people," he says.
Jacques Veronneau After 20 years in private practice, Dr. Jacques Veronneau returned to school to get a PhD in Public Health. Now his patient is the Cree Nation.
Robert Dorion “You have to have an inquisitive mind.”

Dr. Bob Dorion on being a forensic dentist.
Simon Tran
Dr. Simon Tran is a periodontist and basic scientist working on salivary gland disorders. He says, "You realize that there are some patients who have some diseases . . . which have no treatment.”
John O'Keefe Dr. John O'Keefe is the editor of the Canadian Dental Journal. He discusses the importance of becoming involved in organized dentistry.
Christophe Bedos

“Little by little, things will change. Our research has an impact on patient’s lives.”

Dr. Chris Bedos is trying to improve access to care for some of the city's neediest patients.