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Dementia Education Program Newsletter


Expert: The ‘sandwiched' generation of caregivers in Canada

Published: 2 April 2024

Who provides unpaid care in Canada's care economy? In 2022, 13.4 million Canadians aged 15 years and older (42%)—over  two in five people in this age group—provided unpaid care in the previous 12 months to children younger than 15 years old or to youth aged 15 years and older and adults with a long-term condition or disability. Of these unpaid caregivers, 13% provided care to both of these care-dependent groups, meaning that 1.8 million Canadians older than 15 years were "sandwiched" between multiple care responsibilities. Using data from the Canadian Social Survey, a new study sheds light on the landscape of unpaid caregiving in Canada in 2022. (Statistics Canada

Here are some experts from McGill University who can comment on this issue: 

Sylvie Lambert, Associate Professor, Ingram School of Nursing 

“Caregivers remain an essential yet invisible health care workforce. Some treatments are not provided if patients do not have a caregiver available at home 24/7, sometimes for extended periods of time. Caregivers often take on this responsibility without the formal training and the support they need to curtail the impact on their health. However, caregivers are not a homogeneous group, and some sub-groups are more vulnerable than others, including the ‘sandwiched’ caregivers.” 

Sylvie Lambert is an Associate Professor at the Ingram School of Nursing and the Canada Research Chair in self-management interventions for patients and their caregivers. She is also a member of the Observatoire Québécois de la proche aidance. 

sylvie.lambert [at] (English, French) 

Claire Webster, Founder, Dementia Education Program 

“As a former caregiver to my late mother who had Alzheimer’s disease, I have lived experience with the ripple effect that caregiving can have on the family member. Unpaid family caregivers shoulder a profound and often underappreciated responsibility, navigating a complex landscape of emotional, physical, and financial challenges. While their dedication is immeasurable, the toll it takes on their own well-being and livelihoods cannot be overstated. Balancing caregiving duties with personal needs and obligations is a relentless juggle, often leading to burnout, stress, and isolation. Many caregivers lack adequate support systems and resources, highlighting a critical need for societal recognition and policy interventions to alleviate their burdens and ensure their essential contributions are valued and sustained.” 

Claire Webster is the Founder of McGill University’s Dementia Education Program and a Certified Dementia Care Consultant. Webster is a member of the Government of Canada’s Ministerial Advisory Board on Dementia and one of the McGill senior co-editors of the 2021 and 2022 Alzheimer’s Disease International world reports. 

claire [at] (English, French) 

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