Operations Management

Inventory in Times of War

Published: 13Nov2020

Authors: A. Jola-Sanchez, A. Pedraza Martinez and Juan Camilo SerpaPublication: Management Science, ForthcomingAbstract:...

COVID-19 pandemic spurs growth in data analytics and business intelligence

Published: 12Nov2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, companies are relying more heavily than ever on data analytics and business intelligence applications to weather the storm. Led by Professor Juan Serpa, a student...

Maxime Cohen appointed Associate Editor of Management Science

Published: 30Oct2020

Maxime Cohen, Associate Professor of Retail Management and Operations Management, was recently appointed Associate Editor of Management Science

Transforming Health Care Systems for the 21st Century (Podcast)

27 Oct 2020

For the past year, our hospitals have experienced unprecedented strain from treating the masses of patients infected with COVID-19 – a challenge that has revealed important barriers to accessing...

Adapting our Global Supply Chains During a Historic Pandemic

19 Jun 2020

For the last several decades we have been conditioned to assume that necessities like food items and cleaning supplies will be readily available whenever we require them. But the COVID-19 pandemic...

The Retailer’s Post-Pandemic Playbook

10 Jun 2020

Even if the spread of COVID-19 shows signs of slowing down and retail stores begin to reopen, the economic recovery from the shutdown will be long and convincing people to visit brick-and-mortar...

Consumer Behaviour in the Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape

2 Jun 2020

As the world rallies to contain the spread of COVID-19, consumers continue to adapt to the new normal, characterized by stringent physical distancing and self-quarantining measures. In such a...

Converting Commuters into Carpoolers

21 Jan 2020

Congestion pricing policies, carpool lanes, and new light rail train or subway infrastructure are all expensive, long-term ways for governments to battle traffic. A simpler solution, focused on...

Optimizing Oversight for Improved Project Delivery

16 Dec 2019

Holding someone accountable is no simple undertaking. Oversight is a necessary part of doing business but it’s cumbersome, requires resources, and is riddled with paperwork....


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