It’s Alive! Strategic Change Through the Lens of Human Biology

10 Nov 2020

Parallels between the inner workings of an organization and the systems comprising the human body are numerous. To understand these similarities is to begin implementing effective organizational...

It’s Difficult to Breathe Behind a Facade, but Psychological Safety is the Antidote

27 Oct 2020

Today’s socio-political climate has placed diversity and inclusion at the forefront, revealing the depth to which psychological safety has been absent in many workplaces.

Canada’s Pension Plan Is the Envy of the World, and Now We Know Why

7 Oct 2020

A new study is the first to use real data to do a quantitative analysis of asset allocation strategies and cost structures for hundreds of pension, endowment, and sovereign wealth funds across 11...

Why Some Senior Officers Are Making it Harder for Police Departments to Fight Racism

9 Sep 2020

According to McGill University professor Brian Rubineau, the informal training conveyed to rookie officers by senior role models can reinforce systemic racism in law enforcement, as seen with the...

The Kodak Loan: Insider Trading in a New Garb?

28 Aug 2020

In July 2020, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) provided a $765 million loan to support Kodak’s transition from photo giant to producing drugs for the U.S. domestic...

Turning Facebook Likes into Charitable Dollars

27 Feb 2020

For charitable organizations running on lean staffing and tight budgets, it may be tempting to relegate social media to the nice-to-have category rather than use it as a serious tactic. But that...

Not all Data Entry Work is Created Equal

10 Feb 2020

A recent study showing that data entry is one the most redundant and hated workplace tasks raises questions about why, in the age of artificial intelligence, data mining and smart technologies,...

The Hidden Cost of Corporate Tax Havens

4 Feb 2020

New research from McGill University’s Dongyoung Lee, an assistant professor of accounting, shows that when companies move their headquarters to lower-tax jurisdictions, they invest less in CSR...

Converting Commuters into Carpoolers

21 Jan 2020

Congestion pricing policies, carpool lanes, and new light rail train or subway infrastructure are all expensive, long-term ways for governments to battle traffic. A simpler solution, focused on...


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