How AI Can Tame Pandemic Panic Buying

16 Feb 2021

A team of Canadian researchers, including Warut Khern-am-nuai, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Maxime Cohen, Associate Professor of Retail Management and Operations Management, has...

Can Smart Cities Be Smarter?

5 Feb 2021

Achieving a smart city is not an easy task, hindered not least by the historically decentralized nature of these interconnected yet separate systems. For Wei Qi, an assistant professor of...

Overcoming Bias in AI Technologies

19 Jan 2021

New research by McGill University’s Warut Khern-am-nuai proposes a new approach to optimizing the way algorithms process data, without modifying the outcome. To eliminate discrimination in AI,...

How to Recognize and Avoid the Toxic Glamour of Glossy Work

8 Jan 2021

A new study explores how people cope with complex and conflicting perceptions of their job, and what HR managers can do to keep good people in a difficult role

The Divided State of American Public Health

6 Jan 2021

Modelling shows that a consistent approach to masks and lockdowns could have prevented two-thirds of U.S. deaths during the first months of the pandemic

It’s Alive! Strategic Change Through the Lens of Human Biology

10 Nov 2020

Parallels between the inner workings of an organization and the systems comprising the human body are numerous. To understand these similarities is to begin implementing effective organizational...

It’s Difficult to Breathe Behind a Facade, but Psychological Safety is the Antidote

27 Oct 2020

Today’s socio-political climate has placed diversity and inclusion at the forefront, revealing the depth to which psychological safety has been absent in many workplaces.

Canada’s Pension Plan Is the Envy of the World, and Now We Know Why

7 Oct 2020

A new study is the first to use real data to do a quantitative analysis of asset allocation strategies and cost structures for hundreds of pension, endowment, and sovereign wealth funds across 11...

Why Some Senior Officers Are Making it Harder for Police Departments to Fight Racism

9 Sep 2020

According to McGill University professor Brian Rubineau, the informal training conveyed to rookie officers by senior role models can reinforce systemic racism in law enforcement, as seen with the...


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