Partner Organizations

Sexual violence in universities is influenced by external sectors including law, arts and media. Thus, it is essential to engage these groups in partnered research with universities in order to initiate change in attitudes towards sexualized violence in both universities and communities. The following features distinguish our Partnership:

(1) The synergetic pooling of our university partners and community and corporate partners include McGill, Canadian and international universities; plus McGill faculties, research centers; professional regulatory/union syndicates; provincial and national arts organizations, social media, and renowned advocacy groups and community educators.  

(2) Our integration of academic and non-academic Partners has attracted substantial buy-in from Canada’s most prominent universities. Their commitment to the Partnership will allow us to recruit research participants expeditiously, work with administrations to implement research and student informed changes to policies and process, integrate specialized curriculum, and create best practices in timely ways. This will also strengthen the ability of students, faculty, staff and administrators (University Communities) to confront systemic obstacles (e.g. poor communication between faculty and administrators, victim blaming, inconsistent response processes) that maintain a continuum of sexual violence by failing to acknowledge it. 

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