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Christopher Dietzel, Ph.D. (he/him) is a research associate on the iMPACTS Project and also works in the Sexual Health and Gender (SHaG) Lab. Dr Dietzel's research explores the intersections of gender, sexuality, health, safety, and technology. Recently, his interests have focused on issues of consent and sexual violence, particularly related to mobile apps and LGBTQ+ people. 

Dr Dietzel's work has been published in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Indonesian. christopher.dietzel [at] (subject: Interview%20request) (Click here to request an interview.) 

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Research Experience

Dr Dietzel is a research associate on iMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus. iMPACTS is a seven-year SSHRC Partnership grant that aims to address sexual violence on university campuses across Canada and internationally. Dr Dietzel also works in the Sexual Health and Gender (SHaG) Lab at Dalhousie University, which aims to advance an understanding of sexual health, to impact health policies and outcomes, and to provide a research training environment for students. 

Dr Dietzel was selected as the 2022-2023 Visiting Scholar in Sexuality Studies in the Centre for Feminist Research and the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at York University. Dr Dietzel's project investigates how older 2SLGBTQ+ adults develop and maintain friendships, relationships, and community and how these socio-sexual interactions have been facilitated and/or challenged by digital platforms and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In 2021, Dr Dietzel earned his PhD from McGill University. His dissertation, titled "Sexual violence facilitated by dating apps: The experiences of men who have sex with men", investigated sexual violence that men who have sex with men experience through their use of dating apps. 

In March 2020, Dr Dietzel began working on a collaborative project that investigates how dating app companies have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2019, Dr Dietzel was awarded a Mitacs Research Fellowship to work as a visiting scholar at Swinburne University of Technology and conduct research on an ARC Linkage grant titled Safety, Risk & Wellbeing on Dating Apps.


Professional Experience

Dr Dietzel has taught undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University, as well as in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. 

Previously, Dr Dietzel worked at Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E), a McGill Student Services office that helps students transition into university and encourages them to get involved on campus and in their communities. Dr Dietzel's job was to facilitate student leadership development and training, specifically related to Orientation and Frosh.

Dr Dietzel also worked in France, teaching English at the high school and university levels. Working at the Faculty of Medicine at l'Université de Montpellier, Dr Dietzel developed curricula and gave lessons on contextually-specific medical English to doctors, midwives, pharmacists, and speech therapists.

While in Singapore, Dr Dietzel was the coordinator and facilitator of the Leadership Exploration And Development (LEAD) Program, an international leadership development program that connected students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The LEAD Program provided experiential learning opportunities for international students to explore their leadership, develop cross-cultural understanding, and build meaningful relationships. 

During his time at the University of Michigan, Dr Dietzel worked for the Office of New Student Programs on student mentorship programming and orientation. Dr Dietzel planned and facilitated events for upper-year university students to mentor first-year students; organized and led programs to ease the transition into university for new, international, and transfer students; and helped manage orientation activities.


Select Publications

Dietzel, C., & Samardzic, T. (submitted). Technology-facilitated sexual violence in Canadian educational policies and curricula. Journal of Education Policy.

Dietzel, C., Bello, B., Matchett, B., Cullum, J., & Numer, M. (submitted). Mental health of LGBTQ+ people during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review. Advances in Mental Health.

Dietzel, C. (submitted). Clickable consent: Men who have sex with men’s conceptualizations and negotiations of sexual consent on dating apps and in person. The Journal of Sex Research.

Shariff, S., Dietzel, C., Macaulay, K., & Sanabria, S. (submitted). Misogyny in the metaverse: Leveraging policy and education to address technology-facilitated violence. In H. Cowie & C. A. Myers (Eds.), Cyberbullying and online harms: Preventions and interventions from community to campus.

Dietzel, C. (at press). Exploring connections between sexual violence and dating apps: A focus on the experiences of men who have sex with men. In S. Shariff & C. Dietzel (Eds.), Interrupting sexual violence: The power of law, education, and media. Peter Lang.

Dietzel, C. (2022). “I'm not your fantasy”: Sexual racism, racial fetishization, and the exploitation of racialized men who have sex with men. In J. J. Fellows & L. Smith (Eds.), Gender, sex, and tech! An intersectional feminist guide (pp. 101–120). Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press.

Duguay, S., Dietzel, C., & Myles, D. (2022). The year of the “virtual date”: Reimagining dating app affordances during the COVID-19 pandemic. New Media & Society, 1–19.

Dietzel, C. (2022). The three dimensions of unsolicited dick pics: Sexual minority men’s experiences of sending and receiving unsolicited dick pics on dating apps. Sexuality & Culture, 26, 834–852.

Myles, D., Duguay, S., & Dietzel, C. (2021). #DatingWhileDistancing: Dating apps as digital health technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic. In D. Lupton & K. Willis (Eds.), The COVID-19 crisis: Social perspectives (pp. 79-89). Routledge.

Dietzel, C. (2021). “That’s straight-up rape culture”: Manifestations of rape culture on Grindr. In J. Bailey, A. Flynn, & N. Henry (Eds.), The Emerald international handbook of technology-facilitated violence and abuse (pp. 351-368). Emerald.

Albury, K., Dietzel, C., Pym, T., Vivienne, S., & Cook, T. (2021). Not your unicorn: Trans dating app users’ negotiations of personal safety and sexual health. Health Sociology Review, 30(1), 72–86.

Namaste, V., Gaspar, M., Lavoie, S., McClelland, A., Sims, E., Tigchelaar, A., Dietzel, C., & Drummond, J. D. (2021). Willed ambiguity: An exploratory study of sexual misconduct affecting sexual minority male university students in Canada. Sexualities, 24(8), 1041–1060.

Albury, K., Dietzel, C., Pym, T., Byron, P., Cook, T., Curtis, G., Vivienne, S., & Void, E. (2020). Trans and gender diverse people’s dating app use: Sexual health factsheet. Swinburne University of Technology.

Albury, K., Byron, P., McCosker, A., Pym, T., Walshe, J., Race, K., Salon, D., Reeders, D., Wark, T., Botfield, J. & Dietzel, C. (2019). Safety, risk and wellbeing on dating apps: Final report. Swinburne University of Technology.


Select Editorial Work

Shariff, S., Dietzel, C., & Towfigh, K. (Eds.). (2020). Sexual violence: Impacts on and implications for the intersections of law and education. [Special Issue.] Education & Law Journal, 29(2).

Shariff, S., Dietzel, C., & Jaswal, N. (Eds.). (2017). Navigating the minefield: Responding to legal and educational dilemmas in addressing sexual violence in universities. [Special Issue.] Education & Law Journal, 27(1).


Select Presentations

Numer, M., & Dietzel, C. (2022, May 31 – June 1). Dating/hookup apps as digital health technologies: Tensions around gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men’s health and safety [Conference presentation]. Digital Health Communication: Issues and Perspectives (ICA Post-Conference), Dijon, France.

Numer, M., & Dietzel, C. (2022, May 26–30). Sex, drugs, and the internet: An investigation into how health promotion service providers frame wired sex assemblages among men who have sex with men [Conference presentation]. International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference, Paris, France.

Dietzel, C. (2022, May 16–20). “Be Fit. Be White. Be…”: Sexual racism and issues of consent among queer men dating app users [Conference presentation]. Canadian Sociological Association, online conference.

Dietzel, C., Numer, M., & Joy, P. (2021, October 28–29). The practices and perils of sex, drugs, and online technologies: Exploring the experiences of gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) Summit 2021, online.

Dietzel, C. & Numer, M. (2021, September 2-3). How to keep LGBTQ+ people safe on dating apps. Eleventh International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society, Sorbonne Université/online, Paris, France.

Dietzel, C. & Duguay, S. (2020, December 2). Dating and hook-up apps, digital publics, and the COVID-19 pandemic: Participatory engagement with app materials and affect. Digital Intimacies 6.0, online/in-person conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Dietzel, C., Myles, D., & Duguay, S. (2020, September 30-October 2). United in queerantine: Sex, safety, and solidarities on queer dating hookup during the COVID-19 pandemic. Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities, online conference.

Sameshima, P., Katz, R., Shariff, S., & Dietzel, C. (2020, October 27-31). Novel, educational and legal responses to technology-facilitated sexual violence. Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), online.

McCosker, A., Albury, K., Maddox, A., Barrett, M., & Dietzel, C. (2020, October 27-31). Digital cultures of care, safety and wellbeing. Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), online.

Dietzel, C. (2020, October 22). Dating apps, consent, and sexual violence: Exploring LGBTQ+ people’s experiences. It's On Us McGill, Week of Action; McGill University, online.

Dietzel, C., Myles, D., & Duguay, S. (2020, September 30-October 2). United in queerantine: Sex, safety, and solidarities on queer dating hookup during the COVID-19 pandemic. Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities, online.

Dietzel, C. (2019, December 9-11). Transgender and gender non-binary people’s experiences with intimacy while dating. Digital Intimacies 5.0, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Dietzel, C. (2019, October 29-30). Sexual consent related to dating app use among gay and queer men. The Social and Political Sciences Graduate Research Symposium, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Dietzel, C. (2019, September 1-4). Rape culture on dating apps designed for men who have sex with men. European Conference on Domestic Violence, Oslo, Norway.

Dietzel, C. (2019, April 9-11). Rape culture on dating apps: Examining sexual consent among gay/queer men. Concordia University Symposium, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2019, April 5-9). "That’s straight-up rape culture”: Examining sexual violence and consent among LGBTQ+ dating app users. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2019, March 3-6). Rape culture and sexual consent on gay/queer dating apps. American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Convention, Boston, MA, United States.

Dietzel, C. (2019, February 7-9). Non-consensual sexual conduct on queer dating apps: Examining tensions experienced by men who have sex with men. Sites Queer, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dietzel, C. (2018, August 9-10). Sexual violence in LGBTQ+ communities and rape culture on dating apps. American Sociological Association (ASA) Sexualities Pre-Conference, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Dietzel, C. (2018, June 17-20). An overview of sexual violence in LGBTQ+ communities and of rape culture on dating apps. Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) Conference, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2018, April 13-17). Recognizing rape culture online: Sexual health education programs on dating apps and for LGBTQ communities. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference, New York City, NY, United States.

Dietzel, C. (2018, January 24-26). Safer social connections among dating app users. iDate Online Dating and Dating Industry Conference, Miami, FL, United States.

Dietzel, C. (2018, January 21). Insta-Gratification: What does a healthy relationship with social media look like? Students in Mind: Mental Health Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2017, August 15-17). An overview of LGBTQ rape culture and sexual violence among gay-identified males. National Conference on LGBTTIQ2AS Human Rights, Montreal, QC, Canada.


Select Media and Interviews

Gul, M. (2022, August 2). Sexual assault rate highest since 1996: Statistics Canada [News interview]. CityNews Vancouver.

Fellows, J. (2022, June 4). Sexual racism and racial fetishization [Podcast interview]. Gender, Sex, and Tech.

Letarte, M. (2022, May 7). Le numérique, un espace entre soutien et oppression [News article]. Le Devoir.

Lyons, S. (2022, March 28). Dating apps, no longer just for hook-ups [Live radio interview]. Let's Go with Sabrina Marandola, CBC Radio.

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Lejtenyi, P. (2022, March 10). Dating apps sought to spark love during the pandemic, according to new research [News article]. Concordia University.

Dietzel, C. (2022, February 14). Should we quit dating apps? [News article]. Metro World News, United States.

Dietzel, C. (2021, November 1). STIs and dating apps [Radio interview]. CIUT Radio Toronto. 

Dietzel, C. (2021, October 20). Applications de rencontres [Podcast interview]. Club Sexu.

Dietzel, C. (2021, October 1). La vie des personnes LGBTQ+ à Halifax [Radio interview]. OUI 98.5 Halifax. 

Dietzel, C. (2021, September 6). Queer dick pics and dating apps [Podcast interview]. Glow West.

Dietzel, C. (2021, August 2). LGBTQ+ people’s experiences with dating apps: A chat with Kilduh Secret, drag queen [Interview]. Instagram Live.

Dietzel, C. (2021, June 1). Dating during COVID [Radio interview]. Global News, CJOB Winnipeg.

Dietzel, C., Myles, D., & Duguay, S. (2021, May 11). Relationships during a pandemic: How dating apps have adapted to COVID-19 [News article]. The Conversation.

Dietzel, C. (2019, December 20). Consent on dating apps and unsolicited dick pics [Podcast interview]. The Gays Are Revolting; Lipp Media. 

Dietzel, C. (2019, July 25). Dans les soirées gays et queers, quelle place pour le consentement? [Media article]. KOMITID.

Dietzel, C. (2018, September 17). Tinder date threatened to share nude photos if woman didn't agree to sex, warrant alleges [Radio interview]. CBC Radio One.

Dietzel, C. (2018, March 12). Online world [Podcast interview]. Taking It All Off.


Select Consultations

Facebook Dating – Facebook Canada

It Takes All of Us – Sexual Assault Resource Centre, Concordia University

Projet violences sexuelles et conjugales – Centre communautaire LGBTQ+ de Montréal

Le consentement entre les hommes: Une campagne de communication et de sensibilisation sur le sujet – RÉZO

PortraitX – Raison d'art


Select Panels and Workshops

Dietzel, C. (2022, April 6). Part 2: Discrimination [Online workshop]. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Dietzel, C. (2022, March 30). Part 1: Consent and safety [Online workshop]. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Dietzel, C. (2022, January 15). Online dating for 2SLGBTQ+ immigrants [Workshop]. Support Group for 2SLGBTQ+ Immigrants, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2021, November 23). Cyber sex safety [Workshop]. University of King’s College, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Duguay, S., Trépanier, A.M., Dietzel, C., & Myles, D. (2021, October 12). Future of intimacy [Panel]. MTL Connect, online.

Dietzel, C. (2021, September 23). Navigating online dating and intimacy [Workshop]. Mohawk College, online.

Dietzel, C. (2021, June 15). Dating apps and consent: A Pride 2021 “Lunch & Learn” [Guest speaker]. 2U, online.

Dietzel, C. (2021, April 13). Love in the time of Corona: Digital dating and connection [Panel]. Centennial College, online.

Dietzel, C. (2020, October 26). Digital sexual expression and consent [Panel]. The Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education; McGill University, online.

Dietzel, C. (2020, September 30). A conversation on cyberconsent [Panel]. Consent Matters Campaign, Simon Fraser University, online.

Dietzel, C. (2019, September 16). Sexual violence in LGBTQ+ communities and sexual consent on dating apps [Workshop]. The Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education; McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Shariff, S., Dietzel, C., & Yugay, Y. (2019, May 2). Navigating workplace sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era [Workshop]. Nova Scotia Barristers Society, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2019, April 12). Sexual violence at universities and rape culture on dating apps [Workshop]. Faculty of Education, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Daunais-Laurin, G. & Dietzel, C. (2018, April 30). Le consentement et la culture du viol via les applications de rencontres gaies [Workshop]. RÉZO, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Dietzel, C. (2018, April 23). Facebook Canada’s Hard Questions Roundtable: A discussion about women’s safety online [Invited panelist]. Facebook, Ottawa, ON, Canada.



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