"Taking It All Off" Podcasts on Sexual Violence and Online Dating


Published: 12Mar2018

The Office of Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education (O-SVRSE) and Rez Life, a sub-unit of Student Housing, recently recorded a series of podcasts featuring real conversations with McGill community members about sex, sexuality, and intimacy. Hosted by Bianca Tétrault, Sexual Violence Education Advisor, and Charlene Lewis-Sutherland, Residence Life Project Coordinator, the "Taking It All Off" podcasts include informative, insightful and sometimes hilarious chats on a range of topics including sexual violence, dating, and the online world. 

IMPACTS Project research assistants Chloe Garcia and Christopher Dietzel make guest appearances in the podcasts. 

Chloe Garcia contributes to the "Taking It All Off" podcast on sexual violence. In this episode, podcast speakers challenge the narrative surrounding sexual violence by providing listeners with alternative solutions to prevention, debunking ever-present misconceptions and challenging the concept of the “the perfect victim” and “victim-blaming”. Podcast guest speakers, focusing on current affairs, discuss how to create healthier communities, address campus sexual violence, and touch-upon key ways to support a survivor/victim.

Chris Dietzel participates in the "Taking It All Off" podcast about online dating and appsThis podcast talks about dating apps and sexting, but also recognizes that people use these types of apps for lots of different things, and that most apps have a certain kind of hook up or dating method attached to it. Guest speakers consider why dating apps are so popular and also offer listeners tips about sexting.

More information about the "Taking It All Off" podcast series is available on the O-SVRSE website. The "Taking It All Off" podcast episodes are streaming on SoundCloud, as well as on the CKUT website. CKUT is a non-profit, campus-community radio station based at McGill University. 

Stay tuned for more "Taking It All Off" episodes coming soon! 


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