Research Assistant Ayesha Vemuri Published in the Oxford University Press


Published: 10Sep2018

Congratulations to Ayesha Vemuri, a research assistant on the IMPACTS Project. The Oxford University Press has published her article in Communication, Culture and Critique.

In the article, Ayesha reflects on the increasing visibility of sexual violence on university campuses by using two cases of recent survivor-centric activism. Ayesha sees the increasing attention to this issue as a consequence of two different, yet intertwined, acts of student activist labor: the confrontational labor of call out culture, especially as it manifests on social media platforms, and the caring labor of creating communities of support amongst survivors and allies.

This article is based on a panel discussion entitled '#ThisEndsHere: Confronting Sexual Assault and Harassment in Our Campus Communities', which took place at the 2018 annual conference of the International Communication Association in Prague. The other articles based on the panel can be found in the forum section of the Communication, Culture and Critique journal. For a brief introduction, please see Dr. Rosemary Clark-Parson's introduction.

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