Prof Khatidja Chantler Interviewed by the BBC about Domestic Abuse

Published: 10 October 2022

Professor Khatidja Chantler

Khatidja Chantler, Ph.D., Professor of Gender, Equalities & Communities at Manchester Metropolitan University and Co-Investigator on iMPACTS, was interviewed by the BBC about coercive domestic abuse. Specifically, Prof Chantler's study found that, in cases where victims had been killed by their current or ex-partner, more than half had experienced coercive and controlling behaviour in the relationship.

The findings presented in the BBC interview come from Prof Chantler's study, which addresses important gaps in existing knowledge of domestic homicide and aims to learn from the experiences of families who have lost a relative to domestic homicide, victims/survivors of domestic abuse. 

Click here to read the full article from the BBC. The video of Prof Chantler's interview can be watched here. More information about Prof Chantler's research project, Homicide Abuse Learning Together (HALT), is given on this website.




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