New Events from the Institute for Human Development and Well-being


Published: 3Dec2020

Dr. Shaheen Shariff, the director of iMPACTS and James McGill Professor, is also an executive member of the Institute for Human Development and Well-Being (IHDW). The IHDW, in partnership with the Participatory Cultures Lab, has initiated a series of events to provide a platform for discussion, learning, and making connections. 

One of the events is a panel and book launch for "Studies on the Social Construction of Identity and Authenticity”. This volume offers readers insight into social constructionist approaches to identity and authenticity. It focuses on the processes of identification and authentication, rather than on subjective experiences of selfhood. There are no attempts to settle what authentic identities are. On the contrary, contributors demonstrate that neither identities nor their authenticity have a single or fixed meaning. Chapters provide exemplars of contemporary research on identity and authenticity, with significant diversity among them in terms of the identities, cultural milieu, geographic settings, disciplinary traditions, and methodological approaches considered. In this panel, contributors will introduce a number of established and emerging identity groups including yogis, fitness bloggers, international volunteers and social media influencers.

The book launch event will feature a conversation with the editors and several of the contributors on Tuesday December 8th, 9:30-11:00 AM on Zoom. For more information about the events hosted by the IHDW, please visit the IHDW website.



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