IMPACTS Supporting Newly-Launched 'Only Yes Means Yes' Project from West Coast Leaf


Published: 3Feb2018

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West Coast Leaf, one of the community partners of IMPACTS, has launched a project titled Only Yes Means YesThe overall objective of the Only Yes Means Yes project is to empower post-secondary students in British Columbia to challenge the culture of sexualized violence on campus and make informed decisions in their own lives through in-depth learning about the law of sexual assault and consent, through a critical social justice lens.

Only Yes Means Yes will pilot and deliver an interactive workshop about the legal dimensions of sexual assault and consent tailored to young adult participants on college and university campuses across British Columbia, and disseminate a related online education and advocacy tool (such as a series of images or a brief video) that can be shared by young adults on social media and across their networks. The purpose of the online resource is to increase awareness of the issue in individuals and on campus and to help shift the culture of sexualized violence by directly challenging rape myths and stereotypes.

Contributions from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the IMPACTS Project are supporting the Only Yes Means Yes project. We at IMPACTS are proud to contribute to the Only Yes Means Yes project and are excited to see what West Coast Leaf accomplishes through this project.

To learn more about West Coast Leaf, click here.

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