A Feminist Governance Framework Recipe


Published: 22Jan2020

West Coast LEAF, as a feminist legal organization and an organization mostly made up of and supported by settlers, has an enhanced responsibility and obligation to imagine the possibilities. To do that well, we must consider how we govern ourselves, hold ourselves to account, and strive to not only do good work, but to do it in a good way.

Academics such as Anne Orford have challenged feminists who operate at the intersections of law, equality, and social justice to imagine a rights framework that avoids reproducing the pervasive and often unspoken assumptions of imperialism and patriarchy. To me, feminist governance frameworks challenge masculinist and Eurocentric approaches to labour, decision-making, and communication by calling on us to actively reimagine our relationships to power, authority, and privilege.

Read about the 5 ingredients for a truly feminist government here.

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