Dr. Shariff Receives a TIAW World of Difference Award


Published: 28Sep2020

The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) is a global charitable foundation dedicated to the economic empowerment and advancement of women all over the globe. Their commitment is to the "inclusive economy" - uniting, supporting and promoting women and their chosen networks across all continents, which in turn supports and strengthens the global economic fabric.

The TIAW World of Difference Awards recognize extraordinary women and men from around the world who have contributed to the economic empowerment of women. TIAW received many excellent nominations from every continent and heard the stories of leaders of communities, organizations, corporations, regions, and countries who have taken action to support women’s economic empowerment and advancement in society and business.

Dr. Shaheen Shariff was selected as a 2020 TIAW World of Difference Award recipient. Congratulations to Dr. Shariff for being recognized for her contributions to support the economic empowerment of women through education!


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