Webinar about Survivor Centeredness and Procedural Fairness


poster with information about the four webconferences hosted on Zoom

Universities’ responses to sexual violence must follow a survivor-centric approach. When a survivor files formal complaint that triggers an investigation, it is crucial to respect standards of procedural fairness, since having a fair and equitable procedure is in the best interests of the survivor, the perpetrator, and the public. Procedural fairness is an element of social acceptability of justice: it reinforces trust in institutions and increases people’s willingness to cooperate and comply.

Dr. Christopher Dietzel, Research Associate on iMPACTS, and Clarisse Delaville, Law RA on iMPACTS, will present their findings about survivor centeredness and procedural fairness in this webinar, which is part of a series of web-conferences put on by la Chaire de recherche Violences sexistes-sexuelles en enseignement supérieur. The four webinars, which are offered for free online, examine specific issues related to the problem of gender-based and sexual violence in higher education.

Specifically, Dr. Dietzel and Delaville's presentation will highlight the core elements of procedural fairness that apply to universities’ responses to sexual violence, and they will show the extent to which universities’ current sexual violence policies address standards of procedural fairness. Their results reveal aspects of universities’ policies and procedures that can be improved and, in doing so, Dr. Dietzel and Delaville will offer suggestions of how to develop the public’s trust in universities’ responses.

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