Invited Instructor for Visiting Chinese Judges

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Dr. Shaheen Shariff is an invited instructor for visiting Chinese Judges at the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice Listening (CIAJ). Dr. Shariff presented on "Cyberbullying, Sexting, Sexual Violence and Social Justice."

The National Judges College, which is an educational institute in Beijing, China, is responsible for training the judges of the People's Republic of China. As such, the National Judges College is part of the Supreme People's CourtThe Supreme People’s Court is the highest trial organ in the country and exercises its right of trial independently. It is also the highest supervising organ over the trial practices of local people’s courts and special people’s courts at various levels. 

The CIAJ of the Faculté de droit at L'Université de Montréal aims to:

  • Be an umbrella organization which brings together, and encourages exchanges among, individuals and groups concerned with administration of justice issues;
  • Develop and conduct directly or by co-operation or consultation with others, research programs with regard to the administration of justice in Canada;
  • Acquire and assist in the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge regarding to the administration of justice in Canada;
  • Advance education by providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, expense reimbursements and other forms of financial assistance to eligible scholars and other persons to be used for the advancement of the administration of justice;
  • Provide for the development and management of programs to assist in training members of the judiciary and administrative agencies, as well as all those who are involved in any way in the administration of justice.


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