Worrisome Behaviours

Examples of situations where you are encouraged to advise the Dean of Students of your concern for a student could include:

Worrisome communications 

  • Family have contacted you expressing concern about a student’s behaviour, distress, or lack of contact
  • The student’s e-mail communications or assignments include worrisome comments
  • During a discussion with staff or other students, the student makes worrisome comments or exhibits worrisome behaviours


  • A previously involved student stops participating or has started to miss commitments or deadlines

Behaviour change 

  • Temperament changes (agitation, confusion, abruptness, outbursts, self-absorption)
  • Inappropriate or uncharacteristic behaviour

Repetitive refusal to follow corrective measures 

  • Disregards advice regarding previous incidents
  • Complains about “the system” being the problem