Secure your journey: April 2023 Academic edition

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Happy Spring! Check out the latest Academic edition of Secure your journey, McGill's cybersecurity newsletter!

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In this issue

Staying cybersafe while traveling, how to spot job scams that may target students, and keeping your devices safe. 

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Safeguard McGill's devices, systems, and data

Picture this: you're sitting at a café, sipping on your latte, and scrolling through your laptop. Excited chatter causes you to look up, and you turn your head to watch the fluffiest dog prance down the street. A few seconds of distraction is all it takes for a thief to snatch your laptop and disappear into the crowd. But it's not just the monetary value of the device that you need to worry about. 

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Don't let a moment of distraction ruin your day!

The information stored on your laptop is often far more valuable. Don't let a moment of inattention ruin your day - keep your devices safe and secure! 

For guidance on keeping your devices safe, check out the following resources:


Cybersafe travel: Secure your journey while you're on the move and away from home.

Job Seekers: Beware of job offer scams!

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