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Dr. Yves Beauchamp: Secure your McGill journey

Securing our McGill journey is an important part of staying cybersafe.
Secure your journey (SYJ) spoke with Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal of Administration and Finance to learn why cybersecurity is important.

SYJ: What is cybersecurity?

YB: To me, cybersecurity is about protecting my personal information, but it is also about safeguarding McGill’s privacy and information security.

Cybersecurity is relevant to everything we do here – whether you are accessing McGill buildings, collaborating online, or working with sensitive information.

And as McGill staff, both at the individual and institutional level, there are regulatory and legal responsibilities we must adhere to.

SYJ: How can people contribute to cybersecurity at McGill?

YB: Each one of us has a role to play in keeping McGill cybersecure. We need to be aware of McGill’s Responsible Use policy and other directives concerning IT resources.

In addition, there are several habits each of us can adopt right now:

  1. First, protect your identity. Your McGill credentials are your passport to the McGill online world - never reuse your McGill password. Use strong passwords and Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Secure your devices – make sure they are password-protected, updated regularly, and encrypted whenever possible.
  3. Access McGill’s systems safely: Connect securely to McGill’s network and systems using Virtual Private Network.
  4. And finally: Safeguard the documents and online information that are critical to your work. Only use storage and collaboration solutions that are McGill-approved - other apps are not as safe as you may think.

Protect the University by practicing these habits and staying informed about the latest threats. For support and information, go to

With your collaboration, we can build a safer, stronger University and secure our McGill journey. 

Visit the Secure your journey Staff-Admin page for a list of resources.


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