Resident Awards Night


Published: 23Nov2022

Dear Residents and Faculty,

The Resident Awards Night took place on November 21, 2022. We would like to thank the MPRA and the Department of Psychiatry for making this a special evening where we were able to honor Faculty, Residents and Administrative Staff achievements. It was truly a pleasure to be able to celebrate again in-person. Congratulations to all this year’s winners!

Faculty Awards

Best Clinical Supervisor for Junior residents

Winner: Dr. Alexandru Traicu

Nominees: Drs. Dominique Elie, Marilyn Segal, Maria Di Tomasso, Louise Evans,

Nasr Farooqi, Ronald Fraser, Judy Glass, Karin Goddard, Sawsan Kalache,

Alexandru Traicu, Dafna Wajszilber & Daniel Zigman


Best Clinical Supervisor for Senior residents

Winner: Dr. David Bloom

Nominees: Drs. David Bloom, Michel Elie, Toby Measham,

Cecile Rousseau, Rosemarie Soucy, Zoe Thomas, Alexandru Traicu,

Judy Vogel & Gerald Wiviott


Best Resident Advocate

Winner: Dr. Joanne Joly

Nominees: Drs. Robert Biskin, Jean-Philippe Carmel,

Ronald Fraser, Joanne Joly, Toby Measham, Marie-Christine Noël

& Susan Wisebord


Best Staff Role Model

Winner: Dr. Christian Desmarais

Nominees: Drs. Elisabeth Banon, David Bloom, Natacha Deleva,

Christian Desmarais, Pascale Desrosiers, Maria Di Tomasso,

Sofie Mauger, Toby Measham, Louis Pinard, Rosemarie Soucy,

Warren Steiner, Maria Tuineag, Gerald Wiviott & Daniel Zigman


Staff Awards

Outstanding Administrator Award

Winner: Terri Iazzo

Nominees: Luisa Ferreira, Terri Iaizzo & Milton Magill


Resident Awards for Clinical and Educational Excellence

Outstanding Junior Clinician

Winner: Dr. Catherine Lavigne

Nominees: Drs. Krystel Arpin-Gemme, Marianne Côté-Olijnyk, Lauren Kay,

Catherine Lavigne, Aurélie Montagne, Camille Paradis & Ghassen Soufi


Outstanding Senior Clinician Award

Winner: Dr. Jake Prillo

Nominees: Drs. Danny Diep, Klara Meierer,

Catherine Ouellet, Jake Prillo & Gabriel Souza


Outstanding Leader Award

Winner: Dr. Camille Paradis

Nominees: Drs. Sarah Hanafi, Catherine Ouellet

& Camille Paradis


Outstanding Teacher Award

Winner: Dr. Gabriel Souza

Nominees: Drs. Emilie Guay, Rameeshay Mubasher & Gabriel Souza


Dennis Engels Awards for Excellence in Psychotherapy

Winner: Dr. Aurélie Montagne

Nominees: Drs. Michael Destounis, Danny Diep, Cédrik Gignac,

Catherine Lavigne & Aurélie Montagne


Outstanding Junior Clinician in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Award

Winner: Dr. Michael Destounis

Nominees: Drs. Michael Destounis & Cédrik Gignac


Ingrid Gold Award in Geriatric Psychiatry

Winner: Dr. Emilie Guay

Nominees: Drs. Emilie Guay, Sarah Hanafi, Rameeshay Mubasher,

Camille Paradis & Vincent Paquin


Outstanding Academic Award

Winner: Dr. Christophe Moderie

Nominees: Drs. Marianne Côté-Olijnyk, Christophe Moderie

& Vincent Paquin


Resident Awards for the Best Scholarly Paper

Chairman’s Prize

Dr. Salam El-Majzoub

Gabrielle Weiss Prize

Dr. Vincent Paquin

Innovative Publication Prize

Dr. Vincent Paquin

Serge Bikadoroff Prize

Dr. Jake Prillo


Kind Regards,


Nancy Low, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Postgraduate Program Co-Director, Department of Psychiatry

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Attending Staff, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University Health Center


Marie-Christine Noël, MD, FRCPC

Postgraduate Program Co-Director, Department of Psychiatry

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Attending Staff, Department of Psychiatry, St-Mary’s Hospital Center, CIUSSS ODIM


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