Dr. Diane Boivin featured in Wired


Published: 6Jul2021

The Pandemic Changed Sleep Habits. Maybe That's a Good Thing

…Diane Boivin, a professor of psychiatry at McGill University and a coauthor on the study, says these findings show that one's chronotype is heavily influenced by genetics. But, she points out, there’s a limit to the role that genes can play, even for people who love to burn the midnight oil. “Even though you can find individuals who are extreme evening types and even describe themselves as night owls, we’re never night owls to the point that we become nocturnal animals,” she says. For the roughly 25 percent of the US workforce that does shift work—jobs like nursing, manufacturing, or hospitality—pulling the graveyard shift is likely to be tough. “It’s a minority of workers who do adapt,” says Boivin.

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