Dr. Serge Gauthier, Radio-Canada

Published: 27Jan2023

Mieux manger aide à ralentir le déclin de la mémoire, confirme une étude Radio-Canada

Dr. Simon Ducharme, L'Actuel ICI Radio-Canada

Published: 20Jan2023

Mois de la sensibilisation à la maladie d'Alzheimer. Écoutez ici

Dr. Suzanne King, CBC News Montreal, La Presse

Published: 11Jan2023

'Born stressed': The 1998 ice storm and anxious babies...

Dr. Suzanne King, ICI Radio-Canada

Published: 11Jan2023

Crise du verglas : les effets sur les femmes enceintes et leurs bébés

Dr. Robert Whitley, La Presse+

Published: 11Jan2023

Parler du suicide au lieu de censurer...

Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry and the Culture, Mind & Brain Speaker Series


From rich(er) to lean(er) systems: Towards a formal theory of cultural-cognitive variation across history and geography/psychiatryCategory: Dept. of Psychiatry

29th Annual Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry


The McGill Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry is officially returning to an in-person format only in 2023. More information /psychiatryCategory: Dept. of Psychiatry

Dr. Robert Whitley quoted in Global News

Published: 9Dec2022

Montreal initiative aims to help Black youth find path to success...

Dr. Catherine Fichten quoted in Montreal Gazette

Published: 9Dec2022

Experts on accessibility, ableism and inclusion across Canada gather for second National Dialogues and Action


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