QICSS Summer School funding

CSDC MA students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are eligible for funding to attend courses at the Quebec Inter-University Center for Social Statistics (QICSS) summer school. The maximum is $250 for MA students and $1000 for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows for the total of their entire program.

Please send your application merged into a single PDF file containing all the sections of the application by email to csdc-cecd [at] mcgill.ca. Funding Applications to attend the QICSS Summer School are accepted throughout the academic year (September to August).

Students and postdoctoral fellows have to register online to attend the desired course with QICSS and are reimbursed by CSDC for the tuition.

Note that Graduate students from QICSS member Universities (Université Laval is a member university) living outside the greater Montreal area are eligible for financial support to cover costs of bus transportation (or the equivalent of bus fares). To benefit from this support, you must apply for reimbursement to Luc St-Pierre when visiting QICSS. The applicant will be reimbursed upon presentation of an original transportation receipt. For more information see: https://www.ciqss.org/en/qicss-summer-school

To facilitate the participation of students from Université Laval, the Centre will cover lodging according to the duration of the formation. Students and post-doctoral fellows should send their request for lodging before the event takes place to csdc-cecd [at] mcgill.ca.

Following the review of your application, the applicant will receive an email notification with details of the allocated QICSS Summer School funding.

Basic Information
Details of QICSS Summer School
You need to attach the proof of registration to attend the indicated course at the QICSS Summer School and proof of payment of the tuition fee.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.