Marie-Charlotte Dumargne

I obtained my PhD from the Institut Pasteur of Paris in France in February 2016. My PhD work focused on studying genetic and epigenetic factors associated with male infertility by using both in-silico and experimental approaches. I arrived in Montreal in September, that same year, for my postdoctoral training. I am currently researching how the paternal germline can, through its epigenome, memorize nutritional experiences or environmental exposures, not only within a life time, but also how it can pass this epigenetic information on to the next generation, influencing its development and health.

On both personal and professional levels, my PhD was challenging as I had to handle complex issues regarding the on-going accuracy of my research projects. Regrettably, I faced some data inconsistencies in the lab and I lacked guidance from my supervisor. Fortunately, my thesis mentor was an incredibly strong female scientist who helped me significantly. I am now very lucky to be supervised by two highly qualified PIs who are directing and guiding me in the pursuit of my career goals. I am therefore well placed to understand young scientists who are going through difficult times! Now it’s my turn to act as a mentor and I am more than happy to do so. I will help you to persevere when things get tough and encourage you to excel, to grow, and to develop as a good and honest scientist.

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