Description of teaching rounds

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings between 10:30 and 11:15, a Didactic Lecture is held to cover core issues generic to critical care.

On Wednesday mornings, from 08:30-09:30, Service Rounds are held. In these rounds, which are the responsibility of the Attendings on service, difficult and/or interesting cases are presented for discussion.

On Friday mornings, from 10:30-11:30, Resident Rounds are held. These rounds are the responsibility of the residents, with the exception of Journal Club as noted below.

A case should be selected by the appropriate team which demonstrates an interesting teaching point. The literature should then be reviewed around that teaching point and presented, preferably with the use of acetates. The case for presentation should be assigned to one of the residents by the Chief resident or by the Staffperson attending that week.

  • 1st Friday; Journal Club - Two articles to be chosen and presented by the ICU Fellow and Senior Resident.

  • 2nd Friday; Case/Topic Presentation - Red Team.

  • 3rd Friday; Case/Topic Presentation - Silver Team.

  • 4th Friday; Morbidity and Mortality Rounds - The Director of the ICU prepares a list of the admissions and deaths by diagnosis for presentation and discussion. A resident from each team will be asked by the Chief Resident and or Attending to present one case which illustrates a morbidity or mortality. The presentation should last approximately 5 - 10 minutes and should focus on the following:
    1. was the death preventable.
    2. what is the lesson to be learnt from the death/complication.

Teaching aids

A PC with access to Peruse and Medline is available in the small library just behind the nursing station on the North Side.

In addition, several texts are shelved for reference within the Unit. Those books should be returned to the library once finished.

An extensive list of suggested readings has been included on this computer. It is updated quarterly.

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