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Applying to the PhD Program

The application needs to be made through the McGill PhD application process. The detailed information on how to apply to the PhD program can be found at CREATE office needs to be informed of your application as well. Please e-mail the Program Coordinator a CV and a statement of research interests upon submission of your PhD application.


Applying for a Post-Doctoral Fellow Position

To apply for a Post-Doctoral Fellow position, the candidate needs to have a PhD degree (or be close to completion) in a field that is relevant to the CREATE Program. The Program Director can be contacted with inquiries concerning the suitability of an application. To apply, please send a CV, two research papers, as well as the names and coordinates of three references to the Program Coordinator. The application package should also include a statement of research interests.


PhD Course on Healthcare Operations

MGSC 708 Winter 2013

MGSC 708 Winter 2012

MGMT 721 Winter 2011

MGSC_721 Winter 2010

PhD Course on Queueing Models in Healthcare

mie_1699_course_outline Fall 2010

Summer Schools

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Pinar Keskinocak - Applications of OR/MS in Healthcare: Patient-Centered Examples: June 17, 2015

Sergei Savin - Managing Office Revisit Intervals and Patient Panel Sizes in Primary Care: May 16, 2014 

Oguzan Alagoz- A POMDP Approach to Personalize Mammography Screening Decisions: March 21, 2014

Wojtek Michalowski- Innovation in Healthcare: Is The Patient A Better Driver Than The Provider?: March 14, 2014

Ygal Bendavid- Uncovering the potential of Real time location Systems (RTLS) to improve healthcare operations management: October 18th, 2013

Brian Denton- Optmization of Helath Services Planning and Scheduling Under Uncertainty: September 20, 2013

Leonard Levin- Phases and Flaws in Translational Research: September 13, 2013

Andrew Schaefer- How to Value a Prearranged Paired Kidney Exchange? A Stochastic Game Approach: March 13, 2013

Julie Ivy- Can We Do Better than “One Size Fits All”?: Using Modeling to Personalize Breast Cancer Screening Policy: January 11, 2013

Stéphane Couture - The perspective of a Canadian Health IT provider:Challenges and opportunities: November 30, 2012

Marie-Claire Richer & Robert Kuy: The Transition to the New MUHC: Tools and Techniques for the Optimization of Surgical Processes: November 2, 2012

Barb Oliver & Chris Windle - Real Time Location Systems in Emergency Departments: April_12, 2012

Onur Dulgeroglu- Designing, improving & efficiently operating hospitals with help from GE's generic modeling toolkit:February 3, 2012

Philip Troy- A Hospital Enterprise Simulation Platform: January 27, 2012

Nadia Lahrichi - A patient assignment model for homecare delivery: December 9, 2011

Mark S. Daskin - Enhancing Equity in Kidney Allocations in the United States: December 2, 2011

Anna Nagurney - Perishable Product Supply Chains in Health Care: Models, Analysis, and Computations: October 28, 2011

Mark P. Van Oyen - Reducing Waiting Time in Emergency Departments: Flow Redesign to Harness Operational Triage Information: October 14, 2011

Jean Beaudoin & Steve Paré and Marjan Yazdanpanah & Camilo Valderrama - Beyond great simulation tools: why varied skill sets need to come together when creating useful and valid simulation models & From concept to reality: Combining simulation and Lean Six Sigma to improve the design of a new critical care pavilion within a teaching Hospital in Montreal: February 16, 2011

Alexandre Ouellet - An approach to simulation modeling of human flow in a hospital/healthcare environment: January 13, 2011

Diwakar Gupta - Design of Adaptive Appointment Systems: September 24, 2010

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