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We believe that the breadth and policy relevance of the graduate training being conducted as part of our CREATE program is remarkable and noteworthy. To illustrate the topical diversity and geographic reach of our program, we provide a word frequency presentation of key words from our trainees thesis and internship project titles (Figure 1), a map of where our collaborators and internship host organizations are and where research and training activities have taken place in the last two years (Figure 2), and a list of all our graduate students and their thesis title.

Figure 1. Word frequency of trainees' thesis and internship project titles.

Figure 2. Geographic locations of collaborators, internship host organizations, and field research activities. Pie charts are sized by the number of organizations (ranging from 1 to 13) and show the proportion of academia (white), governmental organizations (black), private sector organizations (dark grey), and aboriginal organizations (light grey). 


Nathan Badry

MSc, McGill, Gordon Hickey

''Past, present, and future socio-ecology of northern Quebec’s wild food system in an era of environmental change''

Hekia Bodwitch

PDF, McGill, Gordon Hickey

''The changing wild food value chain in the context of wildlife, health, and environmental policy''

Tian Qi Che

MSc, McGill, Gordon Hickey

''Sustainable impact monitoring and resource management in northern Quebec''

Allison Ford

MSc, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Culturally significant plants in northern Quebec, their climate sensitivity, and their varied contributions to well-being''

Christine Ha

MSc, McGill, Treena Delormier

''Climate change impacts, adaptations, and vulnerabilities of northern Quebec’s wild food system''

Baily McCulloch

MSc, UofA, Stan Boutin

''Remote monitoring of the effect of wolf management on woodland caribou recovery in Alberta''

Mikhaela Neelin

MSc, McGill, Murray Humphries

''The expansion of beaver populations in Nunavik and their impacts on Arctic Char''

Shotaro Shiratsuru

MSc, UofA, Stan Boutin

"Trade-off between foraging and predator avoidance in home range sizes and habitat use patterns of snowshoe hares"

Rose Seguin

MSc, McGill, Treena Delormier

''Improving agricultural initiatives in northern and remote settings through region-specific agricultural best management practices''

Laurence Carter

MSc, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Muskox resource selection and interactions with caribou in Yukon North Slope''


Nadele Flynn

PhD, UofA, Andreas Hamann

''Relationship between plant community processes, climate and abiotic factors from the local-site to bioclimatic region in the Yukon portion of the North American Boreal Forest''


Justine Hudson

MSc, UofManitoba, Marianne Marcoux

''The development of non-invasive tools to study the long-term health of Western Hudson Bay belugas''

Rebecca McCabe

PhD, McGill, Kyle Elliott

''Movement ecology of snowy owls: habitat selection and dispersal across Canadian Arctic seascapes and landscapes''

Ana Morales

MSc, McGill, Kyle Elliott

''Migration and stopover strategies in two moult-migrant passerines at the southern edge of the boreal forest: An automated telemetry and weather radar study''

Phil Walker

MSc, UofA, Evelyn Merrill

''Impacts of forestry on the nutritional resources and selection of Woodland Caribou in Northwestern Ontario''

Shannon Whelan

PhD, McGill, Kyle Elliott

''Effects of warming waters and changing sea-ice conditions on foraging of northern seabirds''

Émile Brisson-Curadeau

MSc, McGill, Kyle Elliott

''Using biologging to monitor Arctic seabird diet''

Jeremy Brammer

PDF, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Documenting and examining locally-identified declines in muskrat populations of Canada’s northwestern Arctic''

Amélie Fontaine

PhD, McGill, Kyle Elliott and Anouk Simard

''Bat demography and conservation through the monitoring of maternity colonies''

Sean Konkolics

MSc, UofA, Stan Boutin

''Influence of forest fires and burned landscapes on the spatial distribution of woodland caribou in the resource extraction region of northeastern Alberta''


Laura Garland

MSc, UofA, Stan Boutin and Erin Bayne

''Using remote cameras and autonomous recording units to monitor impacts of human footprint on large mammal biodiversity in Alberta, Canada''

Conor Mallory

MSc, UofA, Mark Boyce

''Qamanirjuaq caribou movement and habitat use''

Benjamin Barst

PDF, McGill, Nil Basu

''Effects of mercury on landlocked Arctic char from the Canadian High Arctic''

Jillian Cameron

MSc, UofA, Erin Bayne

''Development of bioacoustic monitoring protocols for amphibian populations in prairie Canada using autonomous recording units''

Alistair Chan

PhD, McGill, Jim Fyles

''Socio-ecological conditions that cause human migration and the implications for Canadian resource development''

Samantha Darling

PhD, McGill, Gordon Hickey and Aynslie Ogden

''The role of capacity building in Canada's northern research policy''

Ashley Hanas

MSc, McGill, Jessica Head

''Hazard assessment for legacy and emerging environmental contaminants in birds''

Allison Patterson

PhD, McGill, Kyle Elliott

''Marine spatial planning in the Arctic with a case study of shipping from Baffinlands mine: the non-breeding season''

Ashlee-Ann Pigford

PhD, McGill, Gordon Hickey

''Engaging an innovations ecosystems approach to enhance the translation and integration of northern scientific research''

Duncan Warltier

PhD, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Analysing development compensation: how compensation agreements act to preserve Indigenous food security and traditional cultural practices''

Darcy Doran-Myers

MSc, UofA, Stan Boutin

''Canada lynx abundance in Kluane Lake Valley, Yukon through a population peak and decline''


Ellorie McKnight

PhD, UofA, David Hik

''Seasonal dynamics of large Yukon lakes: characterizing physical, chemical, and biological water conditions and the development of a long term monitoring program''


Thomas Lazarus

PhD, McGill, Kyle Elliott

''Marine spatial planning in the Arctic with a case study of shipping from Baffinlands mine during the seabird breeding season''

Jaaved Singh

MSc, McGill, Jeff Cardille

''Connectivity in the Albertan foothills: Modelling Grizzly Bear movements with circuit theory''

Joël Potié

MSc, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Sharp-tailed grouse breeding ecology in a Yukon resource development area''

Nasrin Golzadeh

PhD, McGill, Nil Basu

''An Ecohealth approach to petroleum development within First Nation communities''

Emily Upham-Mills

MSc, UofA, Erin Bayne

''The use of migratory bird spring arrival timing to inform habitat preference''

Michelle Knaggs

MSc, UofA, Erin Bayne

''Effects of forest fire severity on boreal bird communities in the Northwest Territories''

Dean Koch

PhD, UofA, Mark Lewis

''Dynamical systems and machine learning for modelling and predicting mountain pine beetle outbreaks''

Matthew Scrafford

PhD, UofA, Mark Boyce

''Wolverine ecology in a resource extraction area of the boreal forest in northern Alberta''

Xavier Giroux-Bougard

PhD, McGill, Jeff Cardille and Murray Humphries

''Monitoring movement, seasonal range and sexual segregation in barren ground caribou herds of the Northwest Territories''

Bertrand Charry

MSc, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Use of aerial photography to investigate population dynamics and summer distribution of narwhals in Nunavut''


Melissa Lenker

MSc, McGill, Chris Solomon

''Modeling population dynamics and recommending management scenarios for a recreational lake trout fishery''

Nicola Craig

PhD, McGill, Chris Solomon

''Impacts of terrestrial dissolved organic carbon on secondary consumer productivity in lake food webs''

Marianne Falardeau-Côté

PhD, McGill, Elena Bennett

''Impacts of climate change and industrialization on arctic marine food webs and ecosystem services''

Allyson Menzies

PhD, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Using biologging technology to investigate temporal and spatial variation in energy expenditure of free-ranging mammals''

Mélanie-Louise Leblanc

PhD, McGill, Murray Humphries

''Understanding ecological relationships between waterfowl, eelgrass, and coastal development''

Nicolas Brunet

PhD, McGill, Gordon Hickey and Murray Humphries

''Assessing stakeholder participation in northern scientific research''


Funding provided by the NSERC CREATE program.



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