Tareq Hardan

I am a doctoral candidate at McGill University's School of Social Work. Beforehand, I worked for seven years at Al-Quds (Jerusalem) University in Palestine as a social work instructor, researcher, and community worker. Altogether, for the past 12 years, my work has explored Communities–Academic Partnerships (CAPs) in various community practice settings. I mainly focus on CAPs models that have synergized to address poverty, inequality, food insecurity, trauma-informed care, and social work education.

In my Ph.D., I investigate the multi-leveled impact (fellows, academic institutions, and local communities) shaped by the McGill International Community Advocacy Network Social Work Master's degree fellowship program on building CAPs in the Middle East region. Broadly, my scholarship seeks to leverage CAPs to disentangle the cultural, contextual, and process intricacies specific to the Palestinian experience.

Contacttareq.hardan [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Email)


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