Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin

I have been a research assistant and student at the Centre for Research on Children and Families since 2008, and the coordinator of Dr. Delphine Collin-Vézina’s research lab, the Sexual Abuse and Trauma Lab (SAT-Lab) since 2009. I currently coordinate Dr. Collin-Vézina’s new project on youth disclosure of child sexual abuse and I coordinated her previous research project looking at potential explanations for the decline in sexual abuse cases investigated by the Canadian child welfare systems, which involved in a phase exploring disclosure experiences of adult child sexual abuse survivors. I have also been involved, among others, as a research assistant in a study exploring the traumatic events lived by youth in residential care and as an assistant-consultant for two FNQLHSSC-led collaborative projects (falling under the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund opportunity) investigating access to and coordination of mental health services for First Nations in Quebec. Finally, I am currently involved as a research assistant in the Building research capacity with First Nations and mainstream youth protection services in Québec (BRC) project. I am also in the fifth year of the Ph.D. program at the McGill School of Social Work. My dissertation will look at the services trajectories of First Nations and non-Aboriginal children in youth protection services in the Côte-Nord region of the province of Quebec. It will include a better understanding of the risk and protection factors for placement and recurrence for those two groups, as well as service delivery challenges as identified by youth protection workers (mainstream and Indigenous agencies).

Contact: mireille.delasablonniere [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Email)





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