Jingyi Huang

Jingyi Huang is an MA student in Education & Society (Thesis) programme at McGill University. Before, she completed her first master at the University of Edinburgh, majoring in MSc Childhood studies (subordinated to social policy). Her research interest is in relation to childhood policy and the rights of children and young people, in particular, children's rights to participation. Her previous study in the field of education inspired her to explore how to define children’s participation in an educational context in which an inherent power relationship exists and children have little opportunities to exercise their rights to participate in learning. By giving pupils a real say with the help of the participatory method, the research she designed for her first master dissertation sought to conceptualize the key aspects of participation in citizenship education in Scotland so as to develop a more democratic education in primary school settings. Jingyi's current Master thesis more focuses on Asian contexts. She aims to identify the level of pupil participation in current educational practice in Hongkong elementary schools, and hopes to create a new pedagogic framework by listening to teachers' and pupils' voices on when and where pupils can participate in making decisions in the process of learning.

Contact: jingyi.huang [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Email)

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