Anthony Musiwa

Anthony is a second-year PhD student at McGill University Centre for Research on Children and Families. He has extensive implementation and consulting experience in multi-sector programs for children, young people and women in Zimbabwe, focusing on enhancing access to public health, social protection and child protection services, addressing special vulnerabilities like gender and exclusion, and strengthening the capacity of public social services systems. Using mixed-methods implementation research and program evaluation methods, his research mostly analyzes how specific policies/programs enhance (or restrict) access to public health, social protection and child protection services among marginalized children, young people and women in sub-Saharan African settings. With guidance from Vandna Sinha, his PhD thesis is analyzing critically how national healthcare and financing policies in Zimbabwe can enhance equitable healthcare access among children in rural areas. A member of several high-profile professional and intellectual collaboration platforms, including Intercultural Leaders, Community Solutions Program and GBV Prevention Network, Anthony actively contributes towards various social change interventions nationally, regionally and internationally. A 2017 OFID Scholar and 2017 Canon Collins Scholar, Anthony holds an MSc Policy Research (University of Bristol), LLM–Human Rights Law (University of London), MSc Development Studies (National University of Science and Technology) and a BSW Hons. (University of Zimbabwe).

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