Anne Blumenthal

I have been a research assistant at the Center for Research on Children and Families since 2011. Currently, I manage the Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal. In addition, I am a doctoral student in the Joint Program in Sociology and Social Work and a predoctoral trainee at the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan. My research is broadly focused on the intersection of poverty, policy, and child well-being, with attention to the underlying structural factors associated with disadvantage and inequality. Projects I am currently involved with include: a long-term follow-up study that explores the ways that assets can change youth’s lives; a multistage systematic examination of the administrative response to Jordan's Principle, which is a child-first principle intended to ensure that Status First Nations children receive services normally available to all other children; and a study that provides the first nationally-representative measure and description of asset poverty in Canadian families. Along with eight years of frontline social service experience, I bring a lifelong dedication to community service and volunteerism to all of my work.

Contact: anne.blumenthal [at] (Email)