Students:  Sacha Bailey; Monica BatacAnne BlumenthalCarolanne BrazeauDenise Brend; Hanna CaldwellKathryn ChadwickKatrina Cherney; Emmanuel ChilangaYe Ri Choi; Liam Curren; Matt Danbrook; Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin; Melanie Doucet; Nicole D'souza; Denis Dubé; Damyan EdwardsPaulo Fumaneri; Geneviève Gates-PannetonGina Glidden; Marie-Ève Grisé BolducHayley HahnPhoebe Johnston; Tyson KelsallMohammad N. Khan; Katy KonykEkta KumarAlicia Kyte; Portia Larlee; Claire LawrenceEunyoung Lee; Ash LowenthalRadha MacCullochNatalia Manay-Quian; Carley MarshallLise Milne; Susan Mintzberg; Lyn MorlandShannon Morrison; Anthony MusiwaRodney NkrumahJennifer Nutton; Anne-Marie ParentSol Park; Leah PaulCaitlin SalvinoMegan Simpson; Kharoll-Ann SouffrantNahid Sultana; Hannah WarrenJaime Wegner-Lohin; Jessica Whitehead

  Members Research Interest
Sacha Bailey

Child and family health and wellbeing; childhood disability

Monica Batac

Youth development; immigrant youth and families; immigration and settlement; settlement work; community-based practice

Anne Blumenthal Child and family well-being, poverty and inequality, social policy, cross-national social welfare comparisons
Carolanne Brazeau

Child welfare and mistreatment, trauma and resilience, juvenile delinquency, and contemporary Indigenous issues particularly within the youth criminal justice department

Denise Brend Trauma and resilience; Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Poverty

Hanna Caldwell

Refugee resettlement, Civil society engagement, Community development, Transcultural mental health, Immigration policy

Kathryn Chadwick

  Child and family health and wellbeing, Social policy, Service disparities

Katrina Cherney Child education and poverty

Emmanuel Chilanga

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Food and nutrition security and Participatory action research 

  Ye Ri Choi  
Liam Curran
Child and family social work, disability, maltreatment & neglect
Neurodevelopmental disorders related to FASD
Matt Danbrook

Child maltreatment; Suicidal behaviour; Trauma and resilience; Childhood disability; Treatment

Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin Indigenous child welfare; Disclosure; Sexual abuse
Melanie Doucet
Child welfare; Foster care; Child protection services; Youth in care; Aging out; Transition to adulthood; Trauma and resilience; Youth engagement; Social policy; Legislative reform; Youth advocacy; Youth Justice

Nicole D'souza

Trauma and resilience; child and family health and wellbeing; participatory research; poverty; culture and mental health; social policy; education policy

Denis Dubé

Stigmatization, LGBT related issues, service accessibility and disparities, Social Policies, Caregiving and community support

Damyan Edwards Child maltreatment; Childhood sexual abuse; Child health and well-being; Neurotrauma

Paulo Fumaneri

 Aboriginal child welfare; Gerontological social work; Resilience and trauma; Access to services; Psychosocial support for informal caregivers.

Geneviève Gates-Panneton

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing

Gina Glidden  Child and family health and wellbeing; Childhood Disability
Marie-Ève Grisé Bolduc Child welfare; Trauma; Trauma-informed care; Implementation research; Maltreatment and Neglect
Hayley Hahn

Child welfare;  Indigenous sovereignty;  Legal theory and practice

Phoebe Johnston

Human Rights, Disability and Social Policy

Tyson Kelsall

Harm Reduction; Reduced barriers to access; Cultural equity & anti-racism; Primary interaction with services; Policy 

Mohammad N. Khan Social development; poverty; family economic stress; financial capability; economic interventions 
Katy Konyk  Trauma and resiliency; Occupational mental health; Social policy; Mixed methods research

Ekta Kumar

Child Welfare and Maltreatment, Child and Family Wellbeing, At-Risk Youth, Social Policy and Culturally Competent Practice

Alicia Kyte

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Community-based approaches to child welfare; Inter-organizational collaboration

Portia Larlee

Community-based approaches to child welfare, child welfare

Claire Lawrence

Child and family health and wellbeing; transgender youth and families

Eunyoung Lee 

Societal stigmatization of older adults, caregivers of older adults with dementia, health and social care service utilization, psychological well-being in later life, and cultural competency

Ash Lowenthal Child welfare and child maltreatment; attachment and child/youth development; parenting; trauma and resilience; cycles of intergenerational and collective trauma; decolonization and nature connection; social and environmental justice; organizational development; program evaluation; social policy
Radha MacCulloch Childhood Disability; Transition to adulthood; 
Natalia Manay-Quian
Child welfare and child maltreatment; Trauma and resilience

Carley Marshall

Child and family health and well-being; Pre and postnatal maternal depression; Maternal mental health; Child internalizing; Resilience 

Lise Milne
Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Trauma and resilience
Susan Mintzberg  
Lyn Morland

Child and family health and wellbeing; Child education; Trauma and resilience

Shannon Morrison

Child and family health and wellbeing, and childhood disability

Anthony Musiwa

Child and family health and wellbeing; HIV/AIDS impacts mitigation; Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child poverty and child rights; Social protection; Implementation research; Mixed–methods research
Rodney Nkrumah

Child welfare; social protection services; social and development policy 

Jennifer Nutton

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Indigenous child welfare; Cross-cultural child welfare practice

Anne-Marie Parent

Child and family health and wellbeing; Resilience; LGBTQ+ youth and their families; Discrimination; Parent-child relationships; Self-determination

Sol Park

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Immigrant mental health and wellbeing

Leah Paul

Social and environmental justice; Child and family health and wellbeing; Social policy and advocacy

Caitlin Salvino

Childhood disability

  Megan Simpson  
Kharoll-Ann Souffrant Sexual violence against women, responses to disclosure of sexual violence by women, feminist theories, mental health
Nahid Sultana  Poverty; immigrants; social welfare policy

Hannah Warren

Harm reduction, trauma and resilience, poverty and child welfare and child maltreatment, child and family health and well-being

Jaime Wegner-Lohin Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing;
Jessica Whitehead

Child and family health and wellbeing; Trauma and resilience; Poverty