Associates: Irene Beeman; Tara Black; Lorry Coughlin; Ashleigh Delaye; Annie Duchesne; Charlotte Gagnier; Sarah McNameeCrystal NoronhaAndrea PalmerStéphanie Pelletier; David Silva; Michael Udy; Soyoon Weon

  Members Research Interest

Irene Beeman

Child and family health and wellbeing; Trauma and resilience; Gender, sexuality and relationships
Tara Black Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Trauma and resilience; children's exposure to intimate partner violence; quantitative research methods; performance indicators

Lorry Coughlin

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Youth at risk; The use of administrative and clinical data; Monitoring quality and performance

Ashleigh Delaye

Aboriginal child welfare; child welfare and maltreatment; trauma; poverty; psychosocial support for informal/kin caregivers

Annie Duchesne

Poverty; Homelessness; Community research

Charlotte Gagnier

Child Sexual Abuse; Disclosure; Male Victimization

Sarah McNamee

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Trauma and resilience; Trauma-Informed Care; Implementation Research; Interpersonal violence

Crystal Noronha

Child and family health and wellbeing; Child welfare and child maltreatment; Pediatric Ethics; Qualitative Research; Pediatric Palliative Care

  Andrea Palmer

Social justice

Stéphanie Pelletier

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Trauma and resilience; Poverty

  David Silva
Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child Sexual abuse
  Michael Udy  
Soyoon Weon Poverty