Child maltreatment

CIS 2008: First Nations Oversampling

CRCF Members in this Project: V. Sinha & Nico Trocmé     Co-Principal Investigator: V. Sinha & Nico TrocméCo-Investigators: B. Fallon & B. MacLaurin

Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS)

Principal Investigator: Nico Trocmé Co-Investigators: B. Fallon, B. MacLaurin, V. Sinha, T. Esposito, D. Collin-VézinaFunding Source: Public Health Agency of Canada  

Legislation's Influence on Judiciarization

CRCF Members in this Project: Angela Campbell & Nico Trocmé...

Evaluation of the Risk Assessment Tool

Rates of reported child maltreatment have been increasing across Canada. This increase has brought attention to the critical importance of reliable and valid risk assessment tools that can ensure...

Making Gender Visible in Child Welfare: An International Initiative

As the principal investigator, Linda Davies (McGill) brings together Canadian scholars Julia Krane (McGill) and Dominique Damant (Laval) with U.K. researchers Brid Featherstone (Bradford), Jonathan...

Vandna Sinha

Vandna is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at McGill University. Her research focuses on the impact of social policies on children's access to services, and on the abilities of...


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