Child and family wellbeing

Research on Childhood Literacy

Funding: A gift from the Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation Time frame: 2016-2019

Comparison of services for First Nations and non First Nations children

Lead researcher: Nico TrocméStudent/Research Assistant: Mireille De La Sablonnière-GriffinAgency/Partner: CISSS Abitibi-TémiscamingueStatus: Completed...

Analysis of administrative data to improve clinical decision-making

Lead researcher: Nico TrocméStudent/Research Assistant: Alicia Boatswain-KyteAgency/Partner: CISSS OutaouaisStatus: Completed...

Développement d'un guide de pratique en abuse sexuel

Lead researcher: Delphine Collin-VézinaStudent/Research Assistant: Megan Simpson, Lise MilneAgency/Partner: CIUSSS Ouest de l'ile de Montreal and CISSS OutaouaisStatus: Ongoing...

Understanding trajectories of children in long-term care

Lead researcher: Nico TrocméStudent/Research Assistant: Mélanie DoucetAgency/Partner: CIUSSS Ouest de l'ile de Montreal  Status: On hold

Relationship between economic hardship and child maltreatment

Lead researcher: David RothwellStudent/Research Assistant: Katrina Cherney, Kaila DeBoer Status: Completed...

Regional variations

Lead researcher: Tonino EspositoAgency/Partner: INESSS Status: Ongoing...


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