Catalytic Process Engineering (CPE) laboratory is engaged in the development and understanding of catalyzed processes and reactor engineering concepts dedicated to sustainable energy conversion technologies.


The Team



May 2018 - Jose presented his work "In-situ spatially-resolved measurements of gas composition profiles and catalyst surface temperature to obtain high quality kinetic data. Study case: CO2 methanation" at the 25th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE 25), Florence Italy!

May 2018 - We welcome our new PhD student Varun Surendran.

Feb 2018 - Jose's paper "Improved Kinetic Data Acquisition Using An Optically Accessible Catalytic Plate Reactor with Spatially-Resolved Measurement Techniques. Case of Study: CO2 Methanation" has been accepted and published in a special issue Special Issue Design Challenges for Catalytic and Photocatalytic Reactors in Catalysts. Congrats!

Dec 2017 - Dr. Kopyscinski will give a new lecture on "Catalysis for sustainable fuels and chemicals (CHEE 511)". Registration is open.

Dec 2017 - Kanchan's paper on Direct non-oxidative methane aromatization over gallium nitride catalyst in a continuous flow reactor has been accepted. Congrats!

Oct 2017 - Dr. Kopyscinski gave an invited presentation on GaN catalyst for the direct Methane Aromatization at the catalysis conference GCR2017 in Las Vegas.

Oct 2017 -  Ali's and Jose's work on Mesoporous Nickel Alumina Catalyst for CO2 methanation is published in Appl. Catal. A. 

Sep 2017 -  Welcome to our new undergraduate research intern Daniel and Omran.

Sep 2017 -  Welcome to our new graduate students Pakpong and Hubert.

May 2017 - Welcome to our new summer research intern Gabriel, Kevin, Pranjal and Xuejie.

Apr 2017 - Kanchan receives the prestigious Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral (CGS D) from NSERC for 3 year. Congrats!!

Apr 2017 - CPE group with NSERC RTI awarded for a new Massp Spectrometer and IR-camera.


Catalysis, Reactor Design, Spatially resolved measurement, Hydrogenation, Methane Aromatization, Power to Gas.



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