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Wellness & Life-Skills Workshops - Winter 2017

Happiness: the Workshop

Do you want to learn ways to become a happier person? Come learn about the science of happiness and discover how you can cultivate a positive mindset by taking in the good.

Facilitator: Marianne Chivi
Format: 2 single sessions 
Schedule & registration:

Tuesday February 7 10h-12h Brown Bldg Rm 3001 Register
Tuesday March 22 14h-16h Brown Bldg Rm 3001 Register

Exercise for Mood

Have you wanted to have regular exercise in your life as a sustainable tool to help improve your mood and simply help you feel better mentally? If so, this workshop is for you!

The Exercise for Mood program is open to all students and may be especially beneficial for people facing depression and anxiety or other mood-related impediments. The program will highlight the many psychological benefits of exercise and will equip participants with practical tools to help you overcome the obstacles to successfully getting exercise in your life. 

Fun, “appropriate for everyone” cardio is done at each session with coaching on the links between exercise and mood. All content is research based.

In addition to exercise and coaching, the program includes weekly discussion of topics that support successful integration of exercise as a means for improving mental health. Examples of topics that may be covered include, self talk, meditation, goal setting, and nutrition.

Participants must be willing to commit to completing the program in full (the program consists of 10 sessions) in order to reap its benefit.

This workshop is not suited for those who already exercise on a regular basis, nor is it suited for those who are coping with severe mental health illness.

The Exercise for Mood program is the subject of a research study on the program’s effectiveness that is being preformed by Nurse Louise Lockhart (principal investigator and one of the facilitators). We will collect pre- and post-enrolment surveys from participants for research purposes. The results, but not the identities of participants, will be used in the study.

If you have any questions about the research purposes of this workshop please contact exercise.stuserv [at]

Pre-registration is required.

Facilitator: Jade-Isis Lefebvre & Louise Lockhart
Format: Every Wednesday for 10 weeks
Schedule & registration:

Wednesdays January 25, February 1, 8, 15, 22, March 8, 15, 22, 29, April 5  17h30-19h30 Brown Bldg 5001

Registration is closed.

Mindfulness and Academic Success

Feeling stressed out? Burned out? Overwhelmed? Learn to manage stress using mindfulness based meditation techniques.

Facilitator: Jim Robinson
Format: 2 series of 2 sessions
Schedule & registration:

Tuesday January 24, 31  9h30-11h30  Brown Bldg Rm 4200 Register
Tuesday March 14, 21    14h30-16h30 Brown Bldg Rm 4200 Register

Mindfulness Based Stress Management

Come learn and practice ways of using mindfulness to reduce stress, cope with upsetting emotions and manage your inner critic. For those new to and familiar with mindful practice. 

Facilitator: Nicole-Ann Shery
Format: 1 series of 4 sessions
Schedule & registration:

Tuesday March 7, 14, 21, 28 10h-12h Brown Bldg Rm 3001 Register

Mindfulness Meditation

Interested in learning how to practice mindfulness meditation? Have experience with mindfulness and want a place to practice? Registration is not required.

Facilitator: Jim Robinson
Format: Mondays of the Winter semester; and every exam day 

Mondays starting January 16 until April 10

12h-12h30 Brown Bldg Rm 4200 Registration not required

Every Exam Day 


Brown Bldg Rm 4200

Registration not required


Skills for Social Confidence

Are you very shy?  Would you like to be able to make friends more easily? Are you feeling lonely? Learn how to build your social confidence in a respectful environment with other students who are feeling the same way you are. 

Please plan on attending all 5 sessions as new material and skills will be taught every week. 

Facilitators:  Nicole-Ann Shery
Format: 1 series of 5 sessions
Schedule & registration: 

Thursdays February 9, 16, 23, March 9, 16  14h-15h45 Brown Bldg Rm 3001 Register

Skills for Assertiveness

Do you find yourself saying YES to requests that you should really say NO to? Do you have difficulty accepting constructive criticism? Do you have problems asking for what you want? Come and learn how to be assertive!

Facilitator:  Karen McGrath
Format: 2 series of 2 sessions
Schedule & registration:

Thursday February 2, 9 10h-12h Brown Bldg Rm 4200 Register
Wednesday March 15, 22 13h-15h Brown Bldg Rm 4200 Register

Skills for Managing Anxiety & Stress

Do you have difficulty coping with stress? Feel you lack a sense of personal control in your life? Do you struggle with setting goals and problem solving? Join this group to learn cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness to help you manage stress.

Facilitator:  Nadja Grabovari
Format: 2 series of 2 sessions 
Schedule & registration: 

Monday January 30, February 6 15h-16h30 Brown Bldg Room 5001 Register
Tuesday March 28, April 4  14h-16h Brown Bldg Room 3001 Register

Skills for Coping with Perfectionism

Do you constantly criticize yourself?  Do you feel your efforts are never good enough? Do you set unrealistic standards? Join this group to discuss the role perfectionism plays in your life and develop tools for overcoming it.

Facilitator:  Nicole-Ann Shery
Format: 2 series of 2 sessions 
Schedule & registration:

Monday January 23, 30 15h-16h45 Brown Bldg 3001 Register
Tuesday March 14, 21 15h-16h45 Brown Bldg 3001 Register