This website and its contents will soon be replaced by the new Virtual Student Wellness Hub.


University is an environment that can either foster or hinder well-being. McGill University strives to provide a healthy campus community where culturally diverse students can thrive and succeed, not only academically, but across the various dimensions of wellness. In order to be able to achieve their goals, students must be able to develop the skills that will support their academic and personal growth, such as resiliency, creativity, engaged citizenship, and collaboration. Research has demonstrated that educational institutions that target wellness also improve student engagement, learning, persistence, and satisfaction, and that well-being is one of the most significant contributors to the success of individuals, communities, and societies overall (Healthy Campuses, 2013). Thus, the Thrive Program was created to promote learning and development on a systemic level, drawing from the wealth of expertise, services, and resources in the McGill community. This program focuses on improving overall well-being and helping students reach their full potential, aiming to identify students’ strengths and achieve a healthy state of both body and mind.

Please note: To access services, you must be currently enrolled and paying the Student Services fee. The fee is automatically charged to the student account of undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows every fall and winter term. Certain other categories of students may opt to pay a fee to use the services.