Workshops and Training for Faculty and Staff

Active Listening 

This 3.5 hour experiential workshop introduces participants to active listening and the role of the helper. Participants will learn to improve their communication skills and establish a helping dialogue. Both verbal and non-verbal elements of communication will be explored.

Facilitator: Zahara Madhavji   

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 13h-16h30 Brown Building, Room 3001 Cancelled

To schedule a workshop for your team at a different time, please contact:  workshops.counselling [at] (subject: Active%20Listening)

Mental Health Awareness 

This 1.5 hour workshop will increase participants' understanding of the mental health issues of McGill students. Participants in this workshop will learn to identify students in distress, initiate helping dialogues, and mobilize campus resources.

To schedule a workshop for your team, please contact:  workshops.counselling [at] (subject: Mental%20Health%20Awareness)

Mental Health First Aid

For more information please visit our MHFA page

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