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Issue Summary
February 2023

High Honours for Dr. Bernard Lapointe
Scholarships in Action
New Video for Patients and Informal Caregivers: Living With an Incurable Disease
Flights of Compassion
Pearls Make The Man: An Interview with Salah Bachir

December 2022 End-of-Life Doulas
The Living Wish Foundation: Reframing Hope
What’s Past is Prologue: Healing Relationships and the Future of Palliative Care
Making Life Better with Music
Pallium Canada: Palliative Care Change Agent
September 2022

McGill International Palliative Care Congres: Oct 18-21, 2022
The McGill International Palliative Care Congress: Inspiration and Healing
Psychosocial Seminar: Individuals, Families and Society Connections
Ed Burtynsky and Finiteness Climate Change and Palliative Care
What Art can offer End of Life
Community is the Heart of Palliative Care
Interview with Vincent Dagenais Beaulé (French)

July 2022

McGill International Palliative Care Congres: Oct 18-21, 2022
Equity in Psychedelic-assisted Therapy: An interview with Yvan Beaussant, MD
A Penny for Her TikTok Thoughts
On a mission to deliver meaningful pediatric palliative care
Goal Concordant-Care: An interview with Dr. Mary Lynn McPherson
Intersection of Ethics and Medicine - hear the interview with Dr Labreque

April 2022

Join the mailing list for The McGill International Congress on Palliative Care: Oct 18-21, 2022
The Lancet Commission on the Value of Death
United in Everything We Have Lost - Dr. Sunita Puri
A Passion for Compassion
Dragon Boat Race: Unstoppable!
The Waiting Room Revolution
Pallium Canada: New National Initiatives to Support Leaders, Carers, Communities
Living in Colour – National Hospice Palliative Care Week 2022

February 2022

Join the mailing list for The McGill International Congress on Palliative Care: Oct 18-21, 2022
Healing is the new counterculture: Dr Justin Sanders takes us to Palliative Care 2.0
CHPCA Canadian Interdisciplinary PC Competency Framework
Palliacco: Support, Accompaniment and Respite Care
Making Sense of Loss: Understanding and Affirming Your Grief

December 2021

The Cosmic Procession of Farewell
iRespite Services iRépit: Developing an app to optimize respite care coordination for palliative care families
The Lighthouse: Shedding light on community services in pediatric palliative care
Conversation with Ira Byock: Intentional Branding of Palliative Care
Promoting A Cree Palliative Approach In Eeyou Istchee
CHPCA Saying Goodbye Concert

September 2021

Caregivers’ Stories from Kahnawake
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Photographs to Honour Babies Who Have Died
Be part of a community of practice with the Palliative Care ECHO Project
Grief in the Time of COVID: Healthy Grieving during the Pandemic (YouTube Webinar recording)
Community programs bringing new experiences at the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence
Calling all French-speaking palliative care clinicians - Pallium Canada LEAP project

August 2021

Communication About Death and Dying with Children in Primary Care
Honoring Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ : Proud, Prepared, and Protected
Home Care Services: Research to Increase Access
Tending Sorrow’s Garden: Bereavement Program Channels Grief and Hope Through Gardening
10th Anniversary of the Mourning Walk

May 2021

First Ever Mira Service dog in a Palliative Care Facility
The Next Generation of Psychosocial Training for Palliative Medicine
The Ties That Bind in the Magdalen Islands
Maison du Père: Palliative Care so No One is Forgotten
Canadian Compassionate Companies - CHPCA Support for Carer-Workers
BJ Miller in Conversation

March 2021

Palliative Care and Dignity for the Homeless
PPE Portraits Canada: Humanizing Care During COVID-19
PEACH – Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless
Music and Massage in Harmony
Elderly Lives Matter

December 2020 Resources for Family Caregivers
Medical Directives. Council webinar presented by Dr. Eugene Bereza
St. Raphael Celebrates One Year Anniversary
A Caregiver's Story
A message from the Co-Chairs


Newsletters in the older print format prior to 2019 are listed below.
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Fall 2018


"Reflections on Palliative Care" by Andrea Courey.
|Compassionate Communities;  McGill as a Compassionate Community, McGill Art Hive (May 10), Libraries (Schulich March 15), School of Social Work (March 14), McGill Community for Lifelong Learning, Reflections on the Art Pop-Ups at McGill, Our Takeaway and variety of workshops.

2018 David Bourke Memorial Workshop as part of the International Congress October October 2.
Fall 2017 Workshops:  “Getting what you need: communicating with the health care team” and “Caring for ourselves while caring for others”.
Spring 2018 workshops: "Helping someone in their last chapter of life" and "Advanced Care planning".

Palliative Care Volunteer Training.

Spring 2017

The Compassionate City Charter (Allan Kellehear);
2016 Annual Sandra Goldberg Lecture "The Civics of Dying Well" with B.J. Miller;
2016 Spring Workshops: The film"Little Stars - Accomplishing the extraordinary in the face of seious illness" followed by a discussion with Dr. Stephan Liben;  
"What Matters Most"  and  "Lessons of Loss"   with Christopher MacKinnon;
2016 Fall Workshops:  "Navigating and Negotiating the Health and Social Services System"   
part 1: "Starting the Journey"  with Joan Foster and Zelda Freitas and
part 2: "Empowering your Choices"

Palliative Care Volunteer training at McGill affiliated centres;
Globe and Mail article "Canada's health-care system favours the cradle and ignores the grave.

Spring 2016 Department of Justice (Canada) Consultations on Physician-Assisted Suicide,
2015 Workshops: "Bridging the Gap of End-of-Life Care"; "The Last Chapter in the Book of Life" and the film "Death Makes Life Possible",
2015 Sandra Goldberg Lecture: "Public Choices, Private Lives: An End-of-Life Conversation" with Dr Harvey Schipper Professor of Medicine at University of Toronto & Vérinique Hivon, former Minister of Social Services who drafted Bill 52,
2016 Sandra Goldberg Lecture: "The Civics of Dying Well" with Dr. B J Miller,
Supportive and Palliative Care Services at the McGill University Health Centre,
Articles: "We need a Role Reversal in the Conversation on Dying",  "We are comaflaging morbidity in clichés: It's time to talk about death", " Words to live by",
Dealing with Grief.
Spring 2015 "The contribution of the Near Death Experience and the End-of-Life Experiences to Palliative Care;
"Mandates: making the best of a sad situation';
"Wild Messages" Jennifer Holland's article in the New York Times.
Spring 2014

"Celebrating 40 years of Palliative Care in Montreal" - highlights of McGill University's role in Palliative Care,
"Pioneering in Palliative Care" - Sue Britton recounts her career as as nurse in Palliative Care from the early days to the present;
"When the Doctor Disappears" - Judith Graham' article in the New York Times;
What is Palliative Care?, when is the right time for Palliative Care and what t expect from Palliative Care.

Spring 2013 Report on the workshop “Turning Good Intentions into Good Work” and of the staged reading “Dying at Home: A Choice” - both presented at the 19th. International Congress on Palliative Care;  The Living Will;  Gift Giving on the Palliative Care Unit;  and a summary of the 19th. International Congress on Palliative Care.
Spring 2012 What People Talk About Before They Die; Happenings: Sandra Goldberg Lecture, David Bourke Memorial Lecture, Workshops;  Volunteering in Palliative Care;  19th International Congress on Palliative Care.
Spring 2011 With Poem, Broaching the topic of Death;  Report on 2010 International Congress on Palliative Care; Volunteers Highlights at the Congress,  Upcoming Events.
Spring 2010 Palliative Care at the Neuro;  Seminar on Volunteer Training;  Volunteer Training Teaching Package;  Upcoming Events:  Palliative Care - What is it?  When is the Right Time?  What can you expect?
Spring 2009 Highlights of the 17th International Congress on Palliative Care;  Seminar on Volunteer Training;  Volunteer Training Teaching Package;  Upcoming Events::  Palliative Care - What is it?  When is the Right Time?  What can you expect?
Spring 2008 Helping Children Deal With Death;  Palliative Care in Quebec: A discipline that is coming of age;  Palliative Care - What is it?  When is the Right Time?  What can you expect?;  West Island Palliative Residence.
Spring 2007 10th Annual Sandra Goldberg Memorial Lecture;  David Bourke Memorial Lecture - Life in the Balance with Dr. Marla Shapiro;  Living Wills / Advanced Directives.
Spring 2006 Palliative Care for Children;  McGill Programs in Whole Person Care;  David Bourke Memorial Concert - The Healing Power of Music;  Dame Cicely Saunders (June 22, 1918 - July 14, 2005);  Hike for Hospice 2005 - Images of a super day.
Spring 2005 The McGill Cancer Nutrition - Rehabilitation Programme;  Volunteerism in Palliative Care.
Spring 2004 The Living Will;  Book Review - Caring for Loved Ones at Home;  Tribute to R. David Bourke.
Spring 2003       Music Therapy;  S.M.I.L.E.S.  Towards a Better Laughter Life.


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