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As part of National Palliative Care Week
The Council on Palliative Care will present
a free virtual workshop on 

Tuesday, May 3rd. at 7:00pm

Improving Advance Care Planning Engagement
for all in Long-term Care

In this talk Dr. Sussman will present a series of projects she has conducted over the past five years to improve advance care planning (ACP) engagement in long-term care (LTC). More specifically, she will address critical issues such as the timing of ACP engagement and the role clinical and non-clinical staff in LTC can play in the ACP process. Dr. Sussman will also offer evidence informed tips on how to engage in psychosocially oriented ACP conversations through daily care interactions and self-directed workbooks in order to facilitate the transition into palliative care. This presentation is geared toward patients, caregivers and all staff in this setting.

As a product of Dr. Sussman's research, we strongly recommend careers, both family and staff at long-term facilities link to Strengthening a Palliative Approach in Long-term Care to access a series of pamphlets which provide excellent resources for carers.

Dr. Tamara Sussman is an Associate Professor with the School of Social Work at McGill University. Her research focuses older persons’ and family/friend caregivers’ experiences with and access to in-home community supports and long-term care homes. Her recent projects center on the development and testing of strategies to improve advance care planning engagement between older persons and their families across the continuum of care. Dr. Sussman aims to conduct research that can be used to improve health policies, processes, and practices by working closely with community partners.

Please join us online at

If you are unable to attend live, the workshop will be recorded and available with two weeks on YouTube through the Council's website:

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