Training Videos for Volunteers

Videos for training volunteers available free of charge

In order to help train volunteers to work in palliative care settings, the Council developed a series of training videos to be used by any organization that seeks to improve the knowledge and contribution of volunteers to the palliative care team. These videos, developed through consultation with volunteers, medical professionals and educators, serve as teaching tools to foster dialogue about the role and responsibilities of the volunteer. Each video presents scenarios with examples of interaction between the volunteer and the patient, caregiver, family or medical professional. These videos and the accompanying Training Guide help the volunteer develop an understanding of the responsibilities that come with this important role and they learn how to become an effective and helpful palliative care team member.

The training videos in English (with French subtitles) are available for viewing online or they may be downloaded free of charge. Upon request, the Council will also send a DVD (at a cost of $25 to cover packaging and postage.)

To request a copy of the DVD which also includes the training manual on CD or for more information, please contact the Council.

Series 1   “Volunteer Training”  April 2009

  1. The Request
  2. Boundaries
  3. Missed Opportunities
  4. The Home Visit

Training Guide

Discussion 'map'


Series 2   “Train the Trainers”  September 2012
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  1. Essential Services
  2. Compassionate Boundaries
  3. Reprimanding and Dismissal
  4. Changes Happen

Training Guide 

Discussion 'map'

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