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Get the scoop on three unique Pallium programs

The much-anticipated launch of LEAP Leaders from Pallium Canada

LEAP Leaders is a unique learning opportunity for health system leaders and administrators looking to improve access to palliative care and integrate palliative care into the health systems and services they lead. It’s the first of its kind in Canada. LEAP Leaders

This online course provides health care leaders at all levels of leadership with knowledge, insights, and resources to improve the palliative care aspects of their services.

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Did you know? LEAP Leaders is a prerequisite to completing a Health Leadership Specialty in Palliative Care through the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Learn more about this partnership between Pallium and CCHL.

LEAP Carers launching in spring 2022

Caregiving is a role that most people are thrust into with little to no preparation or training.LEAP Carers As the invisible back bone of the health care system, Pallium is excited to better support the millions of Canadians who are caring for their family, friends, and members of their communities. LEAP Carers is an online, self-learning course for caregivers (or anyone who wants to support a caregiver) that provides important information, practical training and resources for family caregivers who support those facing serious illnesses.

LEAP Carers builds on the highly successful caregiver training program from the Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program by translating the course into a series of free, interactive online modules that focus on the ‘functional’ aspects of being a caregiver. Topics include navigating the health care system, advance care planning, how to provide personal care and hygiene with dignity, end of life and medication management, caregiver communication and advocacy skills as well as self-care strategies.


The Palliative Care ECHO Project

The Palliative Care ECHO Project is a 5-year national initiative that cultivates communities of practice and supports continuous professional development among health care providers across Canada who care for patients with life-limiting illness. The series and sessions of the Project take place online, and are free for health care professionals to take part in. Learn more about the project at

Here are some upcoming ECHO sessions that are open for registration:

  • The Journal Watch Program is an ongoing series in English led by subject matter experts from McMaster University and Queen’s University and explores key topics in the latest palliative care literature, with a focus on practice change and systems design. The next session of the Journal Watch Program is on May 30 at 12 pm ET. Register now.
  • Peaufiner l’art de l’accompagnement des personnes en soins palliatifs et de leurs proche is a session taking place in French on May 16 at 12:00 pm ET. This session is a collaboration with Palli-Science and focuses on various themes related to the art of accompanying people receiving palliative care. These include an exploration of the wishes of the person and their loved ones, the approach to care as an act of relationship, etc. In addition, participants will learn to identify and understand complex relational situations in palliative care that challenge care providers. Register now.
  • Fin de vie de maladie pulmonaire chronique is a session taking place in French on May 30 at 12:00 pm ET. This session is a collaboration with Palli-Science and focuses on end-of-life chronic lung disease. Participants will learn the key symptoms of advanced lung disease, how to best relieve these symptoms, and how to recognize the warning signs of impending end-of-life. Register now.

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