Dragon Boat Race: Unstoppable!

Boat race

On Saturday, September 10th the 17th FL Fuller Landau Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race will take place at the scenic Promenade Père-Marquette in Lachine. This signature event is the primary fundraiser for Cedars CanSupport, a vital program at the Cedars Cancer Center of the MUHC providing free psychological, emotional, practical and financial support to cancer patients and their families over the past 30 years.

Founded in 2006, the Dragon Boat Race had humble beginnings, with just six boats and a few dozen participants. It now attracts up to 500 participants every year and has raised over $6 million for Cedars CanSupport over the years.

At a time when the world is looking for signs of hope, Cedars CanSupport offers a direct connection for patients and their families. They work together with their volunteers and sponsors as an inspired community, helping those in need. Participation in the event puts paddlers, drummers, sponsors, and donors on the front line of support for people who are at their most vulnerable.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their entire life changes in an instant. Cedars CanSupport provides cancer patients the support they need every step of the way: from wig fittings to taxi chits and groceries to music therapy, Cedars CanSupport staff are there to help.

Gwen Andrews Nacos, Cedars CanSupport and event founder, affirms that “Until Cedars CanSupport services are offered to every new patient of the MUHC, thus creating a true model of supportive cancer care, my work is not finished”.

Cedars CanSupport offers emotional support on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups; educational services, including access to up-to-date information, pamphlets and books in our resource center; complementary therapies such as creative art therapy, meditation, yoga, massage and more; practical resources for patients, including free wigs, hats and turbans; and reduced cost parking information.

Event Emeritus and Cedars CanSupport Founder, Gwen Andrews Nacos, welcomes Co-Chairs, Ted Kalil and Stephanie Taylor Kalil and David and Claudia Aboud, as well as Honourary Co-Chairs from FL Fuller Landau, Jaimie Auger and Ernie Furt, on board for a year that will blow all others out of the water!

Ted Kalil and Stephanie Taylor Kalil feel that “Cedars holds a very special place in our hearts. It has helped so many of our loved ones and members of the Montreal community. We are truly honoured to be working with the team at Cedars to contribute to the success of this incredible, impactful event.”

Claudia and David Aboud are proud to mention that “We are honoured to be able to participate and contribute to the 2022 FL Fuller Landau Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race. This unique event brings out the best in so many people dedicated to helping others by paddling, competing and sharing in a truly special day."


For more information or to register, visit the Cedars CanSupport website 

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