Members of the Council are drawn from a wide variety of occupations within the community; professional health care providers, educators, financial and volunteers as well as representatives of service providers including public, private and philanthropic.



Suzanne O’Brien  

MA, Executive Director, Hope and Cope at the Jewish General Hospital.

John Sanford

B.Eng, webmaster and volunteer on the Council.

Past Chairs
Richard L. Cruess    MD, OC, OQ, Orthopedic surgeon and former Dean of Medicine at McGill with a longstanding interest in Palliative Care Medicine.
Balfour M. Mount     MD, OC, OQ, The founder of the Royal Victoria Hospital Palliative Care Service, Palliative Care McGill and the McGill Programs in Whole Person Care.
Barbara Bishop  Member of the Council and organiser of the workshops since 1996.
Sue Britton  RN, Pioneer nurse at RVH from 1975-1997.  Works as a Palliative Care Consultant and Educator for Equinoxe LifeCare, private Nursing Agency.  Works as a yoga therapist at MGH Griffith Edwards Addictions Unit since 2000.
Linda Crelinsten RN, MA, Assistant Director of the Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre in the McGill Faculty of Medicine and a volunteer on the Council.
Patrick Durivage MSc, Social worker on the home care team at CSSS Cavendish and a trainer on the global assessment tools. Trainer on Palliative Care issues (please see for details.)
Elle Flanders  
Patricia Friesen  
Zelda Freitas


Social Worker and Clinical supervisor in the program for persons with a loss of autonomy including palliative homecare, CSSS Cavendish; member of a Clinician-research team in palliative care and the elderly, CSSS Cavendish.
Audrey-Jane Hall Director Palliative Care, Palliative Home-Care Society of Greater Montreal
JoAnn Jones        Palliative Care Nurse Educator in rural communities, involved in professional and community education.
Bernard Lapointe  MD, OC, Palliative Care Physician and Educator.  Head of the Marjorie & Gerald Bronfman Palliative Care Division at the Jewish General Hospital.
Virginia Lee  
Devon Phillips BFA, Program Advisor, Palliative Care McGill.
Justin Sanders

MD, MSc, FAAHPM, Kappy and Eric M. Flanders Chair in Palliative Medicine at McGill University. Director of Palliative Care McGill,
Associate Professor in Department of Family Medicine at McGill University.


Carol Steadman 

Coordinator of Volunteers for Mount Sinai Hospital and MAB / Mackay Centers. Coordinator of Mount Sinai Hospital Magic Moment Program.

Dale Weil Executive Director, Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence


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