Lump sum payment for students: Application procedure

Full-time students eligible for payment up to $200

When the Québec budget was presented on March 25, 2021, a lump sum payment of $100 per term (for a total of up to $200) for full-time college and university students was announced. The measure aims to acknowledge the difficulties experienced by the students during the COVID-19 health crisis during the fall 2020 and winter 2021 terms.

Eligible students will be asked to fill out the lump-sum application. It will be available on Minerva from July 2, 2021. Payments will be made starting on September 15, 2021.

If a student prefers to complete their application in a printable format (PDF), they should send their application to the servicepoint [at] (subject: MES%20) (Registrar’s Office of their institution).

The web form method of application is preferred.

For more information on the process and the eligibility criteria for the lump sum payment for students, please consult the Ministère’s website.

How to Apply for your Payment

  • After July 2, log into Minerva
  • Click on “Student Menu”, then "Lump sum payment of $100 for students (COVID-19) [request form]”
  • Initiate your online request, which will then re-direct you to apply for the rebate on the Government of Quebec website

NOTE: this form provides consent to share your student information with the Government of Quebec, and to ensure you are eligible for the payment. McGill is NOT processing the payment.

Please contact Service Point if you are having any issues with your request (include specific details of the error message you have received).

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m experiencing technical issues when being re-directed to the Ministry site (i.e. page not found, 404, HTTP post error etc.)

This is likely due to a browser or connection issue. Please continue to try; perhaps on a different connection, browser and/or computer and don’t forget to enable pop-ups for both Minerva and the Government page.

I made an error in entering my payment details on the Ministry site. What should I do?

Since your banking info is being collected on the Ministry site only, you must report the correction to them directly.

I was full-time for both Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, why does the Ministry site only confirm eligibility for Winter 2021?

This is likely due to the fact that we only received your documents to have your permanent code created after the Fall term ended, therefore, the Ministry system is not recognizing your status for that term. We are in touch with the Ministry to determine how you can apply for the rebate in this situation. Please continue to monitor this page - we will post more information once received.

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