Principles Governing Non-Tuition Fees during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The University has defined the following principles for different categories of fees.

  1. Non-academic services paid for individually (students and employees)

    The first category is made up of non-academic services where a person pays for and receives a specific service, such as Fitness Centre membership, parking, etc. Such fees will not be collected if services are not available.

    Note that these individual services are different from ancillary services.

    Principle: Such fees will not be collected if services are not available. (Note that these individual services are different from ancillary services)
  2. Ancillary fees (Students)

    Ancillary fees are paid by students as a contribution to the general establishment and operation of a service, provide ongoing support for students throughout the year and are not associated with immediate or short-term activities associated with individual students. These include for instance the Student Services fee, the Information Technology charge, or the Athletics and Recreation fees. A list of ancillary fees can be found on the Society, services and administrative fees 2020-21 page on the Student Accounts website; some additional fees may apply to certain programs and faculties.
    With the decision to offer most courses and programs remotely, most of these services will still be operational. For instance, student services will be provided remotely; IT services will be even more important, etc.

    Principle: The fees are paid for the general operation of the service and will be charged unless the service is completely unavailable.
  3. Course- or program-specific fees

    Students pay course- or program-specific fees as an additional fee for activities related to a specific course or program in which they are enrolled, such as private music lessons or travel fees related to field study programs.

    Principle: If the activity for which a course- or program-specific fee is usually paid cannot be completed and no suitable alternative can be offered, the fee corresponding to the portion of the activity that cannot take place will not be charged.
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